Miss Costa Rica 2015 Contestants & Hot-Picks

Miss Costa Rica 2015 Contestants & Hot-Picks

Miss Costa Rica 2015 will be held on 7th August, 2015 at Marco Picado Study.  The reigning winner Karina Ramos will be crowning the new winner.  Karina Ramos was a big favorite at Miss Universe 2014-15 and managed to perform very well.  However, she could not make it to the Top 15 for reasons unknown.

Miss Costa Rica Organizers announced sometime ago that the new winner will not go to Miss Universe 2015-16 because of the remarks made by Mr. Donald Trump about Mexico.  It is said that all the contestants of Miss Costa Rica 2015 support this decision.  The organizers had announced that they will change their mind only if Mr. Donald Trump apologizes and retracts his statements, or if he dissociates himself from the pageant.  For Teletica (the organizers), “the opinions of this man, Donald Trump, are completely conrary to the most basic principles of Costa Rican nationality – principles that also guide the daily work of every one of us.”  Costa Rica joins other latin countries like Mexico, Panama & Nicaragua which will not be a part of Miss Universe 2015-16 due to Trump’s remarks.

According to Teletica, more than 30 beauties attended the casting call for Miss Costa Rica 2015.  This is lesss than last year’s number of applicants which was above 40.  The organizers are very strict about image of contestants.  There should be no pictures or videos that can spoil the image of the future Miss Costa Rica.  Failure to comply with this leads to automatic elimination from the competition.

Costa Rica placed in Miss Universe pagean in the years 2013, 2011, 2004 and 1954.  The highest placements were in 2004 & 2011 when Miss Costa Rica representatives were Top 10 Finalists.

Ivonne Cerdas, who finished as the first runner-up in Miss Costa Rica 2012, is a front-runner for Miss Costa Rica 2015 title.  Check out the video above to find the complete Hot-picks.

Miss Costa Rica 2015 Contestants

Credits: Pageant News, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Costa Rica Facebook Page