Shandi Finnessey’s marriage story! [Report]

Shandi Finnessey got married

Shandi Finnessey

Shandi Finnessey is one of the best Miss USA winners of all-time and came very close to winning the Miss Universe title in the year 2004.  She got married to her boyfriend Ben Higgins on 11th July 2015.

Ben is a British national who was born in Hong Kong and has spent a lot of his life in Asia.  He moved to the United States of America few years ago.  In 2013, he first met Shandi.  Shandi Finnessey was in middle of a girl’s weekend when the rendezvous happened.  Ben spotted Shandi at a bar and knew right at that moment that they were meant to be together.  He got the courage to approach her and introduce himself.  He also boldly declared his intention to marry her.  It didn’t take much time for the two to get along and soon they became a couple.

Shandi Finnessey

Just like the first meeting, the proposal of Ben & Shandi was also quite cinematic.  Ben had been planning the proposal for quite some time and knew that their second trip to Italy would be the ideal time to ask Shandi Finnessey to be his wife.  They had travelled a lot through London, Venice & Naples and then they reached Amalfi Coast.  Ben had arranged for a private boat tour of Carpi.  After a day of boating and swimming across the mediterranean and visiting many sites of the island, couple settled for lunch.  After some glasses of wine, Ben built up the courage to ask her.  On their way to a garden, the two posed for a picture when Ben dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.  After a “happy dance”, Shandi agreed.

It’s been six days Shandi Finnessey and Ben have been married. Shandi has been a fabulous beauty queen and Ben is a really lucky guy to get such an amazing wife!

Credits: The Knot