Mr India World 2015 First Impression [Vote for Your Favourite]

Mr India World 2015 First Impression [HotPicks]

Mr India World 2015 First Impression

Mr India 2015 has kick started with 15 hot hunks selected across India. These guys were finalised after series of audition that was conducted in various cities. We could have a look at all the 15 Contestants of Mr India World 2015 today and we must say we have seen at least 5 guys who would do extremely well at International Pageant. Prateek Jain, Mr India World 2014, will pass on his title to the winner of this pageant. The winner of Mr India World 2015 shall get a chance to represent India at Mr World 2015.

As they say, ‘First Impression is last impression’, there were 5 guys who managed to create a strong First Impression that they instant favourite for the title of Mr India World 2015. Let us see who are those Top 5 Contestants.

Mr India World 2015 First Impression


#No1: Ankit Arora

Mr India World 2015 First Impression
Ankit Arora

Ankit has this X-factor that stands him out in the bunch. He got extremely toned body and is facially one of the best delegate here. We also find him resembling to Arjun Kapoor. In group shots as well, Ankit manages to stand out. Ankit’s styling sense impressed us as well. We would like to see him speaking to decide how he would do at Mr World as personality is of utmost importance at that pageant. However, presently Ankit Arora is leading our Mr India World 2015 Firs Impression list.

#No 2: Sagar Gera

Mr India World 2015 First Impression
Sagar Gera

The distinct look of Sagar is his strength. Especially his long curly hair wont’t let you ignore noting him. For an instance, he may resemble to Imtiaz Ali in certain angle. He is also another one of the most well styled guy. And as per his appearance, he seems to be having maturity and good personality which is extremely a good point at Mr World 2015. Let’s see how things unfold further in coming days.

#No 3: Neeraj Sharma

Mr India World 2015 First Impression
Neeraj Sharma

Neeraj Sharma has this chocolate boy kind of image which works very well at Mr World contest. Especially after last year’s result where Nicklas Pedersen, Mr Denmark, over Greek god prototype Mr. Mexico. Neeraj also seems to have well toned body with lean frame, which is also a good point in our opinion. He has this boyish charm which is maturing, just like the winner of 2012 in Mr. World. This all points were sufficient to keep him in our list of Mr India World 2015 First impression.

#No 4: Ulhas Dhiman

Mr India World 2015 First Impression
Ulhas Dhiman

Dhiman has this hunky image and look that will fill up the stage with hotness. Although, it may not be working very well with Mr World traditionally, but it worked with Mr India World last year where Prateek Jain was crowned Mr. India World 2014. Dhiman’s well toned body will be a plus point in the swimsuit round for sure.

#No 5: Suraj Chhajed

Mr India World 2015 First Impression
Suraj Chhajed

Suraj is another hunk who can soon climb our hotpick to number 2 or even winner. We find him a lot similar to Nickla Pedersen, a cute charming look which has tendency to attract Mr. World Organisation. But somehow, we are yet to see more from Suraj. He needs to bring his A game on to get noticed everywhere, juts like Sagar and Ankit and he will be a bang on in the finale of  Mr India World 2015. However, we presently feel that Suraj Chhajed has got hidden potential that if opened up will let him go much beyond than the position he got in our list for Mr India World 2015 First Impression.

One guy that didn’t find place in our Top 5 but is worth noting is Prateek Gujaral. Why? Because he resembles a lot with last year’s winner Pratik Jain. Firstly, that beard and another thing the name and then a bit of similarity in look as well..!!! He is under our radar, he may jump into the top 5 slot in next hotpick.

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Pic Courtesy: Mr India World FB Page.