Miss USA 2015 Finals [Review]

Review of Miss USA 2015 Finals

Miss USA 2015 Finals
Miss USA 2015 Top 5

So Miss USA 2015 Finals turns out to be one of the best national pageants in recent years!  Mr. Donald Trump can be glad that the show turned out to a success even after so much controversy.  The ratings of the show did drop, but still the buzz was overall positive.  The Reelz channel benefited a lot from the whole controversy, because they had one of their highest views due to the show.  Let’s have a quick comment on Miss USA 2015 Finals.  Check: Complete Miss USA 2015 Coverage.

  • Production: Positive.  The doll house type stage was looked fabulous and overall production value was fine. You can easily see that the lack of sponsorship didn’t let the quality of show go down.
  •  Judges: Fabulous.  Perfect.  Best set of judges EVER. This took Miss USA 2015 Finals to another level. We feel now after so many years, the international pageants like Miss Universe & Miss World should every year invite former winners as judges, obviously different set every time ;).
  •  Hosts/Back-stage commentator: Everyone loved Todd, Alexandria & Julie.  Really no one missed the previous hosts or Jeannie Mai.  It seems that the hosts and the commentator were quite well-prepared in spite of becoming part of the show at the last moment.
Miss USA 2015 Finals
Miss USA 2015 Top 15
  • Top 15: Where is Florida?  That’s perhaps our only complaint.  Virginia was a little bit of surprise but rest of the girls were quite fine.  A lot of people missed Ohio & Massachusetts, but we don’t really feel any surprise in their exclusion.  Florida should have been part of the Top 15.  Her face was stunning.  She was superb in prelims. However, overall it was a nice set of finalists.
Miss USA 2015 Finals
Rhode Island
  • Swimsuits: Okay, so most of the girls were fit and trim.  Rhode Island was clearly the best in the round.  She rocked at Miss USA 2015 Finals by a stellar performance in Swimsuit round. The set of Top 10 was quite deserving. The only girl we missed the most in Top 10 was Arizona but then she was bit nervous compared to prelims.

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Miss USA 2015 Finals
Brittany McGowan, Miss Nevada USA 2015
  • Evening Gowns: Oklahoma was the clear star of the round.  We were surprised to see Hawaii missing from the Top 5.  The way Kentucky became a part of the Top 11 was interesting and we don’t mind seeing this at Miss Universe too.  Nevada had the best gown at Miss USA 2015 Finals. She carried it like a star!

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Miss USA 2015 Finals Questions and answers
Olivia Jordan
  • Question-Answer Rounds: Oklahoma, Texas and Maryland were good consistently in both rounds and deserved to be the Top 3.  There is just no logical reason why Maryland should be given 5th place!

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  •  Result: Any ranking in the Top 3 is totally fine because all three of them were good in last round.  Judges as expected went by overall performance and hence Oklahoma won!  Would have loved to see Maryland 3rd but anyway it is okay because the winner is perfect!  Olivia Jordan is totally going to rock Miss Universe!

Overall, the show was good and definitely kudos to Miss Universe Organization for pulling off the event in spite of the circumstances. Do you think Miss USA 2015 Finals now sets a bar for the Miss Universe 2015 production?

Image Courtesy: Pageant Update Info