[Breaking News] Donald Trump to sell his stakes in pageants

NYPost.com has reported that Donald Trump is looking to sell his stakes in pageants.  He has 49 percent stake in Miss Universe Organization and co-owns it with NBCUniversal.  The reason for sale is that many parties are approaching him with lucrative offers after NBC and Univision dumped the pageants owned by Mr. Donald Trump after his comments on Mexico.  Miss USA 2015 was aired by Reelz and the number of viewers dropped heavily.

Donald Trump’s move: A good news for franchisers

Donald Trump
Nevada franchisee-holder Shanna Moakler would support the dissociation of Trump from MUO.

Donald Trump bought the Miss USA pageant and turned it into a franchise business.  Now the franchisees will have a harder time to get participants if the show’s future is gloomy, as it is now.  The participants have to pay for participation and that is how the franchisees make money.  Shanna Moakler who own franchisee for Nevada says that local sponsors have shown concern after Miss USA was aired on Reelz instead of NBC.  Shanna says that it would be best if Mister Donald Trump sells his stakes soon, so that Miss Universe pageant can rebound.  Shanna is herself a former Miss USA and has mexican roots.  She does not support the comments by Donald Trump on Mexicans (he said Mexico is sending druggists and rapists to the United States), but supports the pageant and the women who choose to be a part of it.

Credits: NYPost.com