Indian Princess 2015: People’s Choice Award

Indian Princess 2015: People’s Choice Award

Indian Princess 2015
Mr. Sunil Rane, Karishma Kapoor and Mrs. Varsha Rane

Indian Princess 2015 has kick started in Atharva Institute last Saturday. The parent pageant came into existence 5 years back under the umbrella of Mr. Sunil Rane and is now into it’s 6th Season. You might appreciate the fact that this is the same pageant which gave gems like  Pooja Mor, Urvashi Rautela, Monica Sharma, Deepti Sati, Nadine Makhanlal, Chayya Biere, Sharon Fernandes, Ipsita Pati, Swati Nanda, Mrinalini Singh and to name a few.

Season 6 started off with 33 contestants competing for one ultimate crown of ‘Indian Princess 2015’. This is the highest number of contestants that is vying for the crownThe girls are already undergoing training and grooming session under the supervision of Industry experts at Atharva Institute located in Mumbai. The pageant has successfully produced few international winners and multiple finalists at international arena. Indian Princess 2015 shall be selecting the winners for Miss Intercontinental 2015, Miss Tourism International 2015, Top Model of the World 2015 and few more franchise. This year, I am loving this pageant a lot for following 3 reasons:

1) The overall quality of finalists has improved marginally. I can definitely see 4-5 girls who has got potential to win international title at this moment itself. I believe with a bit of training, these girls shall be bang on. I am sure in coming years we shall see the lot improving year by year.

2) This will be the first pageant in the history of India to organize the finale abroad. The finale is scheduled in Dubai on 24th May 2015. Indian Princess used to take girls to Thailand for training in past but this time the training and finale is also scheduled in Dubai, which I really appreciate.

3) There shall be only single pageant ‘Indian Princess 2015’, contrary to Indian Princess and Indian Princess International like past years. This will provide all the girls an equal opportunity to represent India at International pageant. The girls from abroad shall also be a part of Indian Princess 2015 contest.

We, The Great Pageant Community, shall be official partners of Indian Princess Org to do online media coverage and to conduct Expert’s Choice Hotpicks and ‘Peoples’ Choice Voting’.

You can vote for your favourite till 24th May Mid-night IST. The winner of the poll shall be awarded ‘Peoples’ Choice Winner’ of Indian Princess 2015. Let us have a look at some of the statistics of Peoples’ Choice winners conducted by The Great Pageant Community, in past:

Indian Princes 2013: Mrinalini Singh won poll by more than 53% votes and made it to the Top 7 of IP 2013. She also made it to the Top 7 of Miss Tourism International 2013 held in Malaysia.

Indian Princess 2014: Swati Nanda got 1 million votes and won the title. She also made it to the Top 5 of IP 2014 contest and went on to represent India at Top Model of the World 2014 contest.

Top Model of the World 2014: Jackie Magana, Miss El Salvador won the poll with 9 lac votes and got a direct entry to the Top 15 of Top Model of the world 2014.

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Let us have a look at all the 33 Delegates of Indian Princess 2015. Considering multiple requests from our audience and in order to promote fair voting practice, we are improving our voting scheme now. You can vote for your favourite only ONCE in a day from a unique IP address. Voting shall be closed one day before finale of IP finale. Click on the banner below the contestants pics to vote.

Indian Princess 2015
Click the Banner to vote for your favourite for ‘Peoples’ Choice Award 2015′

Note: There were few malicious clicks detected in previous list, hence we blocked that voting poll. We have now released our secured upgraded version of voting poll to consider only FAIR clicks. The above votes shall be added with the poll of previous votes (Yes..!! They are safe with us. We shall reveal the total counts of the same tomorrow evening). There may be few wild card entries in the contest. Those entries may or may not be added to the poll (at the discretion of TGPC). However they shall have to start off with Zero poll and no added advantage shall be given, in case we add those contestants.

Last but not the least, I would personally like to appreciate following people for creating Indian Princess and balance the one sided beam by providing an opportunity to many girls to be recognised and represent India at International Pageant:

Mr. Sunil Rane

Mrs. Varsha Rane

Mrs. Ramona Haar

Mr. Maulik Marthak

Miss Shefali Parab

Miss Roselene Mudaliar

Pic Courtesy: Indian Princess Organisation.