Evening Gown: Nightmares at Pageants

Evening Gown: Nightmares at Pageants

Evening Gown plays an important role in Pageants. Even if the organizer claim that they aren’t looking at the gown but how the contestant is carrying it, the truth is a Gown always become a center of attraction no matter what. There have been many instances that the front runners went unplaced due to their horrible gowns or over all styling in pageants. Here is a quick take at some of the evening gowns that make no sense at all.

The Ivian Sarcos Syndrome

Evening Gown
Misses from Russia,Belgium,Costa Rica, Finland & Bulgaria

When Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela won the Miss World crown way back in 2011, not only did her story of rag to riches inspired many but her Barbie doll inspired gown was such a hit. That various version of the evening gown started to appear in almost all pageants & none of them were even remotely as good as that worn by Ivian.


Evening Gown
Miss Zambia Earth  2014 Cartier Zagorski

Miss Zambia, Cartier Zagorski’s evening gown can easily surpass Miss India or Sri Lanka’s National Costume gone wrong. From the bow to the broken hem of the silver lame tiered skirt to the Mang tikka & the cape it was a lot to handle.


Evening Gown
Miss Belgium Universe 2011 Justine de Jonckheere

We think Miss Belgium Justine de Jonckheere was paying tribute to the famous Brussels lace but not in a good way. This ‘gown” was wrong on so many levels that if we talk about it we might write one whole new book.


Evening Gown
Miss Guadeloupe World 2013: Sheryna van der Koelen

This Kimono inspired Lilac gown was a good attempt conceptually but it failed big time in execution. The fabric, the length to the unflattering neckline & that neck less, this look definitely left us speechless.


Evening Gown
Miss India World  2013: Navneet Kaur Dhillon

Sometimes I do wonder what was the designer thinking when he/she was designing this gown. Was he planning to go on a cabbage soup diet? or Was he feeling a bit wicked?  This cabbage inspired gown at the Miss World 2013 Top Model Fast Track event  was one of the most talked about gowns & not for the right reason.


Evening Gown
Miss Haiti Universe 2013: Mondiana Pierre

This is one of the most complex outfits. If you look closely, it looks like some one just added a sheer skirt over a beautiful cocktail dress & ruined it with some with shredded ribbons. Although Mondiana was bashed by everyone of her choice of gown for photo shoot, she made it up by wearing a beautiful black & silver gown at the prelims.


Evening Gown
Miss England World  2014: Carina Tyrell & Miss India International 2014: Jhataleka Malhotra

Both of them were front runners at their respective pageants & both of them deserved the hype around them. But then they walked out on the stage in clothes that looked from the 60’s & 80’s. Carina’s white number could have been better if the designer had used more fabric. Some how it looked incomplete. We give her plus points for the gloves but we deduct them for wearing them in such shabby way. Jhatalkea had a great run during her pre pageant activities at Miss International 2014 pageant. She was a hot favorite to win the crown. She was proclaimed as someone who would bring home India it’s first Miss International crown but during the finale she looked like a Miss Venezuela contestant from the late 70’s or early 80’s who failed to make the first cut.


Evening Gown
Miss Aruba Earth  2011 Melissa Lacle

This is way too trashy to be on a  pageant platform. We give her points for being daring & different but honestly the mesh, the golden sequined skirt/sarong & the key hole neckline is a recipe for disaster.


Evening Gown
Miss Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida

One of the most hated man in the Philippines is Colombian designer ‘Alfredo Barraza’. He has been accused of giving mediocre gowns to the Filipino delegates. Both the gowns were just disastrous don’t how she ended up in top 5 with that gown.

Photo Credit: Miss World,Miss Universe & Miss Earth Organization.