TGPC Official Hot-Picks: Miss South Africa 2015

The abundantly charming beauty, Rolene Strauss has brought the attention of the whole world to the Miss South Africa pageant.  In fact, in the recent article about the best Miss World of the past ten years,  Rolene won the top spot!  Everyone wants to know who will fill in the shoes of the beauty who won the most coveted pageant in the world, Miss World last year.  Of course, it will not be an easy task, but like last year, Miss South Africa pageant has put forward a strong batch and has invited former winnres to groom each of the 12 finalists.  Although last years’ pageant was more fun to follow due to the different events that were well-covered on social media, this years’ pageant too has managed to gain the nation’s frenzy.  This sunday the final show will be witnessed live by the country.

Here we have made an attempt to make a prediction about the results of Miss South Africa 2015.  Last year we were bang on in predicting Rolene as the winner and Ziphozakhe as the first runner-up.  We are optimistic that the same achievement can be accomplished this year too.

In last year’s finals, out of the 12 finalists, Top 5 were narrowed down and then the winner and her two runner-ups were announced.  There are five ladies who are clearly standing out in this years’ batch.  Here we present our hot-picks:

Winner – Chanelle Sardinha



Chanelle Sardinha introduces herself as an actress and a model.  She has a beautiful face and a very comfortable presence.  Chanelle comes across very confident and smart.  With her commercial face and attractive beauty, this girl can do very well in international beauty pageants.  In fact strong preparation and focus can even bring her in the Top 5 of Miss World and/or Miss Universe.

1st Runner-up Taryn Morris 


This blonde damsel is petite but her face is downright gorgeous.  She just attracts attention very easily.  With proper preparation, she can for sure gain a lot of attention in Miss World and/or Miss Universe.

2nd Runner-up Nicole Lambert


Nicole is perhaps the tallest girl in the bunch.  In some angles, she reminds of Hollywood super-star and Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow.  A bit more energy, bit more confidence and this girl can be a star.  Somehow Chanelle & Taryn gain an edge when it comes to facial beauty over this lady.  Still, you just cannot write her off.  She can be a nice representative for the country at pageants like Miss Earth, Miss International, etc.

Finalist # 1 Liesl Lauri


Liesl comes across very charming in her facial expressions while communicating.  Her eyes and smile have a world of their own!

Finalist 2 # Shane’ Naidoo


Shane’ is an engineering student.  She comes across very smart and well-spoken.  Her communication skills are her big strength.

If the country wants to do well at Miss Universe, perhaps one of the Top 3 girls here – Chanelle, Taryn or Nicole will be chosen as the winner.  The three girls have the potential to be groomed well into contenders at Miss Universe.

Of course, winning Miss World would be more challenging, but the three of them do have what it takes to be among the semi-finalists.  In fact, if the preparations are strong, who knows – South Africa may be able to do what India did in the year 2000 at Miss World?

May the best girl win!

Picture Credits: Miss South Africa Official Facebook page