Miss India 2015 – Who can rule the roost

Contributed by Mr. Shashank Nair from Thakurli, India

They say, don’t judge the book by its covers. Similarly don’t judge the girls by their looks alone, especially when we are set to choose the main title holder to represent us at the MW.

The girls’ bio on the website also has a minute long video where they give a quick intro of themselves. These profile videos are a great catch for us, since we are constantly scrutinizing the girls and trying to predict who will take it all at the grand finale.

For me personally, the videos helped a lot to make my choices more clear.



Afreen – She is my Miss India. Her charm is effortless. She reminds me of the 90S beauty queens who would carry a lot of substance within them. I read somewhere that she isn’t entitled to the main crown. If not MW, she should surely come back for DIVA and not settle for random titles at FMI

Deeksha – She has the face that can make many heads turn. She has a great height and a sweet angelic aura about her. Yet sometimes she comes across as cold. she needs to emote more, we need to see her fun side. I heard her speak and found her delivery very effortless and geniune. If afreeen can’t have the title, give it to deeksha, my second bet for the crown.

Aditi – She is cute. Has good height. Speaks so well. But that’s it. A part of me wants her to win, while a part of me doesn’t. I feel it’s her styling (especially the hair) that just doesnt let her be at the top of the game. Also her face sometimes comes across as little too child like. A great transformation can surely help get the best out of her. she is currently in the runners up position for me

Tanya Hope – She reminds of a hot manipulative secretary of a guileless boss, in those nerdy glasses she sports most of the time. I somehow like her, she comes across as someone with a strong personality. I love her skin tone too. If there is something that can work against her, is her face which can come across as a lil harsh at times. She, for me, is also in the running for the main crown at the moment

Vartika Singh – We have all analysed her beauty not so long ago during the DIVA series. Most of us were keen to see her win the crown since and am sure no love is lost for her beauty. We all hope she wins it. Her personality is endearing, she comes across as more gregarious(from her pics). If only she were a bit more taller!. I heard her speech and was put off by it. she needs to be herself and not be all preachy. Let go of it girl. I see her working hard to win, but for now she is in the runner up position

Apeksha Porwal – One of the best bodies in the competition. She is also quite eloquent. She is very likely to get brownie points for her social project. Despite all this, her main drawback is her face. I feel her face is best suited for ramp and less for beauty pageant. I still have her in the top 5 for her overall strong personality.



Chahat Dalal – Good face, great body

Sushruti Krishna – lovely face, bubbly personality

Sushri Shreya Mishra – She is a pageant veteran and has come back with great preperation. Yet there is something very vital which is lacking in her – the freshness. But if she plays her card well can even enter the top 5 and clinch the runner up crown atleast

Pranati Prakash – I love her face and she has an overall sweet aura

Rushali Rai – Her skin tone especially on the face is untoned and she often gets pictured sporting dark circles. Her short height is also her disadvantage. I still have her in my top 10 list as I feel she is a great competitor

Hyped Girls


Naveli Deshmukh – I was aghast when I saw her over the top interivew which came across as very fake. Her beauty to me is also very inconsistent and very average. She may have a good personality but she should bring it out geniuenly and not by over doing stuff.

Rakshita Harimurthy – She may have looks although not enough but still she can pass off as a decent contestant. But I heard and speak and felt like I was listening to a 6th grader speaking for the camera. major major put off

Rest of the girls can come back next year or later having prepared more.

Picture Credits: Femina Miss India Facebook Page