Throwback Thursday: #TBT-7


Throwback Thursday-7

Linor Abargil, Miss World 1998
Linor Abargil, Miss World 1998

Miss World 1998 will be memorable for 2 things:

1) For robbing deserving candidates and choosing the weakest set of Top 10 Finalists ever in the past 2 decades.

2) For electing a woman who became a role model for many girls and women.

Linor Abargil, an Israeli beauty, was chosen as the new Miss World 1998 at the conclusion of the pageant. People, back then, knew that she had personality and beauty to conquer the crown but what they didn’t know was the story she carried along at the pageant, which probably would have made MW organisation to select her as a new winner so that they might set up an example for other pageants. 7 months before Linor could win the Miss World pageant, she was raped by her travel agent, Uri Shlomo Nur, at knifepoint in Milan city. Linor reported the incident but the case was dismissed due to the lack of enough evidence. However, Linor didn’t give up and  once again filed the case against him. Fortunately, the investigation team could find DNA evidence in his car and was later convicted for the crime. Shlomo got imprisonment for 16 years.


Linor set such an example to all the women that no matter what, You fight for your rights and always stand up against wrong. Linor went on to be one of the greatest Miss World of her time by doing many social activities. She also helped other rape victims to overcome. She left a lasting impression on people by a documentary released on her rape and subsequent life post then by the name of ‘Brave Miss World’ in 2013. The documentary was directed by Cecilia Peck.

Although we hate the fact that Miss World 1998 came up with an edition where they selected extremely weak set of finalists for the crown but we really appreciate Miss World by making a move to crown Linor and set examples for not only rival pageants but also to many more coming generation.