Interview Round: Pageant Question 12

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Here we are to reveal the results of 12th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question.  The question this time asked a huge brain squeezing since it was an abstract.  Let’s see who made it to the Top 3 list.


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Pageant Question: Q12

“If necessity is the mother of Invention, who is the father??”

Winner: Shruti Nair

Answer:   I would say – Drive.
Invention can only be parented by two adequately potential mergers. Like any other thought of natural conception where matching gender factors conspire to cell it up, the call for requirement must be coupled by an initiative power to build it……or there won’t be a fruit of invention at all.

Comments by Admin:  

Shruti’s answer was bit complicated to understand in the first read, but when read carefully, it made lot of sense. Shruti’s answer revolves around the fact that everything comes in a couple form, if there is necessity, the other part of the couple shall be drive.

1st Runner Up: Shashank Nair

Answer: If necessity is the mother of invention, then I would say the father would be creativity. Because without creativity, you cannot add a personal touch in anything you create or invent. With out creativity you cannot convince the world that your invention is the best ever one. Their need, your invention and how creatively you have crafted it to suit everyone’s need will help develop – loyalty & affinity towards you and your invention

Comments by Admin:  Two Nairs on the top..!!! In our opinion, Shashank’s answer is the heart of the Invention. Yes, creativity is the basic building block of any invention, otherwise it’s of no use. This is what Shashank’s answer conveyed. There are hell lot of necessities, but if the inventions were not creative, they could not last for longer.

Other Entries from Facebook Group
Other Entries from Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Vagisha Mishra

Answer:  If necessity is mother of invention, then inspiration will be the father. For inspiration to fly high, achieve the unachievable, accomplish the impossible makes the urge of necessity stronger and hence both inspiration and necessity lead to a wonderful invention.

Comments by Admin: Vagisha’s articulate answers are too good to be ignored from the top slot. The content is again too good. Somehow, all the 3 answers look true to be a father of the invention.

Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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