Interview Round: Pageant Question 8

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Here we are to reveal the results of 8th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question.  The question this time was repetitively asked in many international as well as national pageant in one or the other way. Let’s see who made it to the Top 5 list.


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Pageant Question: Q8

“Do you think parents should allow children to take their decisions independently once they cross teenage?”

Winner: Shobin Krishna

Answer:  Yes, I do think parents should allow their children to take decision independently once they cross teenage because life is a big journey where one will face a lot of issues and parents will not be with us all time. As an Individual One should learn to live without depending on others and for that parents should allow them to think independently and take decision. However I also believe they should give their opinion so that it will help the children but ultimately the decision should be of the individual concerned! Thank you 🙂

Comments by Admin:  Shobin’s answer was the easiest pick from the bunch because rest all answers were either too pageant patty or too long or not conveying the exact point. Shobin decided to stick to a simple, short and powerful answer. The answer is also an ideal one which most of the judges will love to hear from a contest.

1st Runner Up: Simeon Singsit

Answer:  Parents should allow their children the freedom to choose and live who they want to be. Parents were once a child with dreams of their own and live the life they want to be. A child should be taught to dream without boundaries so that they can later become a responsible independent man or woman. When they live their live and choose the wrong decisions It will be their own and they will learn from their own mistakes and become more wiser and experienced. The best parents can do is to teach their children to believe in their ability and respect their own worth and be themselves. They should taught them to be the best they can be and remind them that they will always be there for them. This way a child becomes Thinking Living Individual.

Comments by Admin: Simeon had a good content, but the sense was little messed up in story telling of parents and due to long length. However, if Simeon’s answer is cut short into half by removing certain elements, it will become an ideal answer for the pageant stage.

Other entries for the Contest on Facebook Group
Other entries for the Contest on Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Sonia Agnihotri

Answer: Decision making instills self discipline which is all about forging ahead with confidence and contentment. After teenage, it’s the time to use all the knowledge that the child was endowed with right from his very childhood. Its the time to develop, to step into the real world and bloom.

Comments by Admin:  Sonia’s answer could have been a winning answer only if she had concluding part in it. Sonia left the answer half way which made something lacking. However, whatever she has replied makes sense in reality and definitely will stand out if the delivery is strong.

Completing the Top 5:

Shruti Nair:

One is always in a stage of learning be it a parent or a child. What bonds a family is the fact that they share their experiences, their adventures & their deeds with each other blended with immense love, affection and care. While an individual should face the race of life on their own terms & learn from each decision & respective consequence of theirs, the perspective of the elderly is always golden. An insight into the experiences of one’s parents & viewing a particular scenario from another person’s point of view could add a new meaning to making a decision & stating opinions could work both ways as well. Like a child takes advice from a parent, a parent could learn so much from their children. But ultimately, with all perspectives taken into notice, the choice is of the individual to make, the major role of parents being to show the path of the harder right than the easier wrong.

Vaagisha Mishra:

Parents are those wonderful creations, who laugh, who cry, who suffer and yet are unwavering affectionate while they are bringing up their little cherub. Parent’s work is like that of watering a plant till it gets mature, and then they have just to sit back to enjoy the fragrance. A little child is like a soft mud pot, which takes the shape of how the shaper wants it to be. If the grooming of a child is done in proper way, parents do not need to worry about their child choosing the wrong path, because he will never let them down. And if by chance he does, all he needs is just guidance, not restrictions. Remember a tall tree is independent and fruitful while the dependent vine plant is always short spanned.

Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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