Miss Universe 2015: Very Early Favorites

Miss Universe 2014 has just ended and some of the girls from the next edition are already selected.  This is because of the unusual delay in 2014 edition.   In most probablity, there won’t be another Miss Universe pageant this year.  Although if it happens, we got no complaints!  In all 11 girls are confirmed for Miss Universe 2015 as of today.  We present a review of these 11 beauties.  Of course, this is just for fun! 🙂

1. Miss Colombia  Ariadna Gutiérrez


Last year when Gabriela Isler won, many people were sad because they though Migbelis is the kind of girl who can easily win Miss Universe.  The same thing happened this year.  When Pauline Vega won, a lot of people said that the new winner of the country is more deserving of Miss Universe.  It doesn’t take more a 15-second skim on google images results for  Ariadna Gutiérrez to understand why.

2. Miss Venezuela Mariana Jiménez



Very often, the Venezuelan winners are not seen to be upto the mark when they win the national pageant, but they transform with time into stunners.  Who knows, this will be the story of Mariana too?

3. Miss Puerto Rico Carolina Morales


Puerto Rico  often sends strong delegates although they were at their best in early 2000s.  I will always remember Cynthia Olavarria & Denise Quinones – God knows whether Carolina reaches that level of perfection, but she does look like a lady with good potential.

4. Miss Korea  Kim Seo-yeon


So when was the last time you saw a Miss Korea with such a buffed body?  2008 Honey Lee?  Well Kim looks far from the charming Honey, but she is definitely showing potential. A good transformation and she will be one of the good delegates of Miss Universe 2015.

5. Miss Mexico Wendolly Esparza Delgadillo


Strong features & a stronger body – this girl can be groomed and will be groomed – she is Miss MEXICO!  A possible semi-finalist, if groomed well.

6. Miss Bolivia Romina Rocamonje


Romina has a fabulous body and she has no calms in flaunting it.  She won Reina Hispanoamerican – a minor international pageant.

7. Miss Belgium Annelies Törös


This 19-year old is actually very attractive and cute-looking.  Good training and Belgium can have one of their few semi-finalists.

8. Miss Kazakhstan Regina Vandysheva


It is not 100 % confirmed, but this tall, elegant beautiful can represent her country at Miss Universe as well as Miss World.

9. Miss Angola Witney Shikongo


Many expected Miss Angola 2014 to place at Miss Universe.  Her gown was a favorite of our fashion experts.  Can the 2015 winner place in next edition?  We are not sure.

10. Miss Serbia Daša Radosavljević


She is tall.  I don’t see her place though.

11. Miss Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj


She has a pretty face.  Thanks to Ines Lingron, people having been now judging the girls of Indian origin in particular.  She would constantly point out how Misses Malaysia & Netherlands were her favorites from Indian girls at Miss Universe 2014.  Will Kushboo make it to the prestigious (sarcasm intended) list next year?

The list will obviously change once more girls are confirmed.  But we are sure some of these girls will stay till the end in the Top 15!

*Credits to the owners of the pictures*