5 Stars of Binibining Pilipinas 2015 !!

– Shobhin Krishna (TGPC Pageant Expert)

Till three or four years back, the most anticipated national pageant in the world was Miss Venezuela (Not that it is not now) simply because they produce more winners and semifinalists in international pageant arena.  But for the last two or three years, a shift in focus can be seen because of the new pageant powerhouse “the Philippines”.  The success Philippines achieved in this short span of time is commendable and pageant fanatics all over the world are curious about Binibing Pilipinas 2015.  This years’ batch is clearly a competetive one.  So I would like to present 5 frontrunners at the moment. 🙂

1. Jancel Lubina


Perfect Filipina beauty!! There is no other word to describe her.  Those who followed Miss World Philippines 2013 know her potential..  She is a total Stunner…  Not to forget that she came second in a competetion won by the Miss World herself, Megan young!! In the past 5 years all the representatives of Philippines to Miss Universe were always bashed for one or other reason…  But janicel is a gem – I wonder if anyone could find any imperfection in her??  Her face Screams Miss Universe, moreover her personality seems to be very enduring… If Philipines want to get that elusive crown back,  it should be her! VERDICT : Miss Universe Philippines

2.Pia Wurtzbach



I Know she is the heavy favorite to win the title, but somehow I don’t see her as Miss Universe delegate..  She definitely possesses a fierce look and wow body..  But Miss Universe needs a X-factor which I can’t see in her..  Pia somehow is in the path of MJ, having participated before; I know she will put a great fight to get the crown and the fact that repeaters like Janine and MJ won the title is a great source of inspiration for her…  Send  her to any other pageant, I see her winning the crown…  The fact that Philippines won many crowns in the recent years like Miss Supranational, Miss International makes me feel doubtful whether they will crown another filipina soon.  So I would like to see her in Miss Intercontinental, where she has a great chance to win..Go pia! 🙂 VERDICT: Miss Intercontinental


3, Nancy Lee Leonard



When I saw her glam-shot first, WOW!  She is a stunner!!  I think Nancy is a total package and somehow reminds me of Jamie Herall,  she is total package…  I see great confidence in her, and what I loved about her is that her projection towards camera is just superb!!  Very photogenic 🙂 She possesses a mystic beauty which I think will help her conquering any crown..  as of now I see her in Top 2…  She is a big threat to Janicel.  VERDICT: Miss International Philippines

4. Hannah Ruth Sison



Hannah was one of the Runner ups last year..  To be able to reach that position in a highly competitive year shows how much strong she is and I would love to see her winning any of the crowns..  I really find her so adorable and energetic..  She has a face that will make us smile any day..  Her catwalk skills and presentation are also very good.  She has everything to be Philippines next international beauty queen 🙂  VERDICT: Miss Supranational Philippines

5. Kylie Versoza



She might not be in everyone’s list but I feel she is gonna burn the stage in the finale night..  Look at that face!! That itself can win any pageant..  She is young and breath of fresh air..  She has a very sweet aura that can melt any heart..  She certainly is the “Face of the competition”..  If not janicel, I would love to see her winning the top spot…  Near perfect features is her biggest advantage and she really is a force to reckon with!  🙂


Thank you! 🙂 

Picture Credits – Bb. Pilipinas Official Facebook page