10 Most Impressionable Introduction Videos of Miss Universe 2014

Finally after a really long wait, the video interviews of the Miss Universe 2014 delegates are out!  And the wait was worth it.  Reason is that the interviews are much better than they were last year.  This year we get to see more about the lives of the girls compared to the interviews last year.  And yes, the interviews give a good idea about the girls.  We also get the see videos and images of the girls from their childhoods and their lives in their countries.  The background music in the videos is fun!

After having a look at all the videos, our experts have jotted down their favorite 10 videos.  If you can’t go through all the videos due to lack of time or interest, you can just go through the most impressionable 10 ones. 🙂  Now let us clarify one thing – these are not the 10 best Miss Universe delegates based on interviews or the girls who look best in interviews.  We have jotted down 10 videos that stayed with us at the end – that made a strong impression on our minds.  Mostly these impressions are due to the personalities of the girls or some other interesting aspects that were shown in the video.  Along with the video, we are explaining what really “tickled” us about the video. 🙂

1. Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer

Valentina is beautiful from inside and that is clear from the video.  Her intellect is firstly highlighted when she says that as a physical trainer, her work is more on the inside because workout helps people feel better about themselves.  Then she talks about her happy childhood and explains how they made the best of whatever they had being choosing to be happy in all times.  She says that when the roof would leak in rains, they would put their pan out to catch the drops and it was fun!  The way she talks about – the glim in her eyes, you just cannot help but smile. 🙂  She has a beautiful soul, rich from experiences of life.

2. Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel

Melissa reminded two experts about the reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler.  There is a flow in the way she speaks.  Her affable smile is so welcoming!  English is not her first language, and yet she manages to connect while she speaks.  She seems to be speaking her heart during the interview – spontaneously and comfortably.  The girl is already a very strong contender due to her beauty and excellent walk on the stage.  Her communication skills make her one of the top girls now!

3. Miss Ghana Abena Appiah 

Apena is easily one of the best communicators in the batch.  Her confidence is impecabble.  If the interviews of all the girls are scored, Apena can be among the top 5 girls.  Her body language is very notable during the interview.  She seems to be someone very confident in public speaking and oratory.  In the video, she tells us how she learnt to believe in herself, and also about her interest and activities in the field of music.

4. Miss USA Nia Sanchez 

Nia reminds us of Olivia Culpo.  She is very energetic, lively and spontaneous as she excitedly tells us about her experiences as Miss USA and her life.  She has taught Taekwando to young women on many occasions for self-defense and has travelled extensively around the world.  One of the experts suggested that Nia could have been a good contender for “Beauty with a purpose” award if she was competing at Miss World!  Well, we may never see that day since Nia is very strong and a sort of shoe-in for a Top 5 spot in Miss Universe 2014 finals.

5. Miss India Noyonita Lodh 

Noyonita Lodh takes in a very quick and exciting ride into her life.  I guess she is one of the few girls who gave a lot of information about themselves quite effectively and comfortably in just about 90 seconds!  Her self-confidence is quite evident as she tells us about her childhood, passion for flying, interest in belly dancing and experience as Miss Diva.  She is very eloquent!

6. Miss South Africa Ziphozakhe Zokufa

Ziphozakhe comfortably and eloquently tells us about her childhood, her interest in music and her good-works as being the reigning Miss South Africa.  As she talks about the works that she is doing for the good of women, it is clear that she is speaking about something that she is genuinely involved in and is interested in.  The video proves that the gorgeous African beauty cannot be taken for granted just because she was second to the ravishing Rolene Strauss.  The girl is definitely a contender for the Miss Universe title.

7. Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos

Karina Ramos works in a modelling academy and tells us that the main work that she does is on self-confidence!  I don’t care if you want to be a lawyer or a model, if you are self-confident, you’ll like what you do – Karina tells us.  She elaborately tells us about her love for nature and her country.  Her confidence and comfort in her own skin is quite evident.

8. Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova 

English is not her first language, and it’s quite evident in the way she speaks.  Still the charm comes across.  Her face is ridiculously beautiful – she is the prettiest girl in the pageant.  Her eyes are to die for!  She is a dancer and has represented her country many times in international contests.  It is quite nice to see a girl from a small country, a country which hasn’t achieved much in pageantry, to be so strong.  It would be a shame if this fairy is denied a placement in the finals.

9. Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen

Yasmin has emerged to be a strong contender out of nowhere after we saw this video.  She smiles from her eyes & her heart.  Her voice, her presence, her beauty, her personality – everything establishes herself as a possible Top 5 finalist at Miss Universe 2014.  It has been a really long time since a European won the coveted title, this beauty of Indian origin would be a perfect choice for same.

10. Miss Albania Zhaneta Byberi

Zhaneta speaks with conviction and comfort.  English is not her first language and yet she communicates in it quite effectively.  She talks how she loves to paint and how it helps to express herself.  She speaks about her value of privacy and her family.  She is beautiful and emerges out as a pleasant surprise to us!

Apart from these 10, we would also like to make two special mentions.

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega

Paulina Vega strongly reinforces her contention with this video.  She looks very beautiful and confidently speaks about herself.  Here is another girl who is almost a certain Top 5 finalist in the coming finals of Miss Universe 2014.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa

Mary Jean is very well-spoken.  What we liked about her video is that she makes a special mention of her fans!  As she rightly points out, the fans from her country are the best in the world.  They are the heart of the girls that represent the country.  It is true.  Philippines boosts of the most passionate pageant-fans in the world!

So these are some of the introduction videos that specially caught our eye!  Please let us know how do you feel about the above selections and comments.  Thanks for reading! 🙂