Interview Round: Pageant Question 3

Today, we shall be revealing the results of 3rd question of Interview Round: Pageant Series Question. The top 3 spots this time were really neck to neck as they had ALMOST similar answer and hence we had to go into minute details of the answer to come down to a concrete result.


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Pageant Question: Q3

1) Do you support the idea of Mercy Killing?

Winner: Sonia Agnihotri

Answer: We love our body, it’s the biggest asset of ours. Similarly, we love our family. They’re the most invaluable gift from the treasure of the God. We can never ever think even in our wildest dream to leave these two. However, it’s not same with everyone. There are people suffering from immense pain that forces their soul to leave their beautiful bodies and depart from their caring families.  They must be permitted for the same. I stand by the idea of Euthanasia, because I stand by the humanity.

Comments by Admin:  A well rounded answer where she supports the idea of Mercy killing in utmost positive manner, with a positive start. What we appreciate about the answer is that she made answer look spontaneous by saying ‘We can never ever think even in our wildest dream to leave these two’ which gave an idea that no body would like to die with a choice of their own until and  unless the condition is beyond control.

1st Runner Up: Saloni Sharma

Answer: Personally I am not in favor of mercy killing because pleading for mercy killing is like losing hope and self-destruction. Although the person is terminally ill, but we can’t deny the fact that their very existence might be the reason for someone else’s smile.We can’t just let them die because we get hurt to see them like that, or the financial burden or the social stigma et al. It all depends on all of us; how we treat that person. Can’t we just make those people feel loved, cared and respected? But again, If a person still insists they wish to die after having tried all these things, we cannot take their freedom away from them. PS: (I remember a scene from Munna bhai MBBS where munna’s love and care revived a patient. I hope you remember that as well)

Comments by Admin:  The only reason Sonia’s answer was preferred over Saloni’s answer was because Sonia’ answer started with positive statement. Although, Saloni’s idea is also positive overall, we suggest never start a statement with negatives like ‘Not’, ‘Never’ etc.However, Saloni’s idea is concrete and the thought of ‘Miracles beyond Science’ is also conveyed so convincingly.

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Other entries on Facebook Group of The Great Pageant Community for the Question-3

2nd Runner Up: Shruti Nair and Harish Sugandh


Shruti Nair: The ideal definition of mercy killing is – the killing of a patient suffering from an incurable & painful disease. While I support mercy killing, I also respect the fact that it is a personal opinion. While people think it’s upto the person suffering to decide how to deal with the suffering, his/her loved might not be able to witness the dreadful pain he/she is going through. As long as it’s a mutual decision & most importantly is for the best, even though there could be nothing more painful than losing the one you love, a conclusion of this order would be fair in terms of mercy killing.

Harish Sugandh: From my point of view it completely depends. But I am not in support. Allowing everyone for euthanasia will discourage many people who are suffering from deadly disease like cancer and HIV. Only GOD has right to take life, not any human not even the person who is suffering and see the death as only way. It’d be better if they are given a new way of living life. There are Some people in this world who has proved themselves in the worst situation and they are living their life more happily than any normal person.

Comments by Admin: Both the answers were perfectly acceptable in spite of being completely contradictory to each other. To tricky question like this, Shruti Nair convinced that Mercy Killing will be a better option to execute by giving an articulate answer which can easily impress judges as You being very well read. On the other hand, Harish channelized the way of Saloni where he believes that there is an existence of Supreme Power called ‘God’ who can make and mar anything and anyone at any moment he wants..!! This answer also reflects his beliefs into the God which is always a Positive point on the stage..!!!

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