Miss World 2014: Nostradamus’s Prediction for the Crown

Miss World 2014 will have to be one of the least active edition of its series. Unlike China in 2012 and Indonesia in 2013, this years was very dull in terms of activities and excitement. However, the beautiful side of the coin is that the bunch of girls have been so good that Picking Top 10 was a big headache for us, let alone Top 5. Before we begin to list out our analysis on Top 20 girls’ placement, lets have a look about what is to be appreciated and what is to be improved up on in Miss World contest.

What we loved?

1) As already mentioned, the group of girls this year has been amazing. Although, the instant standouts were 2-3 girls, there was a huge bunch of girls who could easily give a potential threat for the crown to them.

2) The freedom of allowing girls to have their own designed Bikini for the Beach Fashion round. This will allow us to see exotic designs of swimsuit. However, they didn’t reveal all the pics so it was difficult to judge the overall aspect of this round.

3) The debate at University in London was one of the best phase of the pageant. This gave us a fair hint of who all can ace the public speaking and how well they are able to communicate with masses. Especially, love the segment where girls were questioned by the students and they answered them very well.

What needs to be improved?

1) Inconsistency in the numbers of semifinalists in all fast track is what we hate the most about this contest. In an event they will have 32 semifinalist, somewhere 20 and somewhere just 5. This doesn’t give a fair chance to all the girls. Just imagine, the Top 5 semifinalists for each fast track round will generally come from the same front runner groups and other girls won’t even get a chance to score a point even if they stand at 6th position. Our suggestion is to have a same number of semi finalists for each challenger event to come up with fair result. Read our Analysis on Challenger Events

2) There were no pictures released for Swimsuit round. It is very difficult to assess the result without proper pictures. The basic fun of challenger events is when you release the performance of each and every girl. This allow fans to follow their favourite. But, this was lacking in events this time.

3) Improper planning of timings was a major hit. We could see how only 5 girls videos were shown in Beauty with a Purpose presentation and rest 5 from Top 10 girls were just asked to speak something about their project due to lack of time. This again make results look fishy, in case if the winner of this event comes from the 5 girls whose video were shown.

Top 20

top 20

20) South Sudan: Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

Her leg never ends..!!! Yes, she was such a treat to watch in Top Model, reminded me of Naomi Campbell. No wonder she made it to the Top 5 of Top Model. To us, she is one of the best ebony beauties.

19) Sweden:Olivia Asplund

Olivia was quite not onto our raddar till the time we saw her making in Top 5 of Talent+ Top 5 Beach fashion. However, she looks more of Timid personality and we really doubt her going much deeper than the Top 20.

18) Brazil: Julia Gama

Brazil is running in for the title of Beauty with a Purpose and is expected to be in Top 5 of the same event. Remember the score of this fast track scores 1.5 times more than other  fast tracks. She also seems to have good communication skills and presentation skills.

17) China PR:  Du Yang

What a beautiful demure looking sweet face!!! She reminds us of Wen Zia Yu who won Miss World 2012. Her placement in Top 5 of Top Model certainly puts her in our radar. However, she hasn’t done much into other fast tracks, so her only saving grace would be to nail the interview.

16) Guyana: Rafieya Husain

Her placement in Beauty with a Purpose and Top 5 multimedia will make her strong enough to be among Top 20. She has slender frame and short height but has got beautiful face to offer. Also, her personality seems to be very matured and sophisticated.

Top 15

top 15

15) Finland: Krista Haapalainen

Krista was the first girl to be genuinely happy..!!! Yes, because she wont the first Fast Track of the contest, i.e. sports. However, she could not manage to sustain that heat in the competition any further.

14) Indonesia: Maria Sastrayu

Indonesia hardly fails to make it to the Beauty with a Purpose event and this year was no exception. Maria is touted to be a hot favourite for this subtitle along with Miss England. history has been proof enough that the winner of this sub-contest has went on to placing in Top 15.

13) Netherlands: Tatjana Maul

Tatjana defines the modelesque beauty queen image. She is in top 10 of BWAP (Beauty with A Purpose) and also in Top 5 of multimedia. Hence, she will be surely in the Top 15.

12) Haiti: Carolyn Desert

She is Flavaia Matata of Miss world 2014. her bald head stands her out from the group. Many are expecting her to be in a Top slot as she was in Top 20 of Top Model and Top 32 of Sports. However, we see her in Top 15 as of now. Come finale.

11) Scotland: Ellie McKeating

Ellie was in Top 3 of Best Designer Dress Award, Top 20 of Top Model and Top 2 of Talent. This has given her enough limelight and also considering the fact that she is from the country of British Colony, Ellie is definitely going to place high. We were just wondering if she can really do a repeat of 2011 where Scotland placed in Top 7, despite of many more deserving girls left in background clapping for her.

Top 10

top 10

10) Thailand: Nonthawan Thongleng

We were very disappointed to see her not placing in any of the fast track event. She was too good to be wasted like this. However, the ONLY hope we now have on her is that she will win people’s choice voting poll and will get a direct entry in finalists slot. If she makes it through votes, she may finish as a runner up too.

9) United States: Elizabeth Safrit

She has killed the competition with her more than expected performance. She is in Top 5 of talent, Top 5 of Multimedia and also in Top 32 of Sports. She also seems to have an engaging personality which is for sure going to win the hearts of judges in closed door interview. What we suspect is that she may do a ‘Vanya Mishra’ (Miss India in Miss World 2012) by toping the interview round and then topping the Overall Leaderboard.

8) Kenya: Idah Nguma

She made it to Top 5 of Beach Fashion and also Top 10 of BWAP. There is always a slot for a Black Beauty in Top slot of Miss World finalists. We believe if it still exists in this year’s edition, it will certainly got to Idah.

7) England: Carina Tyrrell

A hometown girl always does well in a Pageant like Miss World. Carina’s beauty is divine. Her non placement in major event like Beach Fashion and Top Model was disappointing but then it was obvious; she lacked the ramp skills. However, she is touted as the winner of BWAP, and if she does win this she will be on the top slot of the board.

6) Dominican Republic: Dhío Moreno

What a strong candidate Dominican Republic sent to Miss World this year. However, we believe, she was literally wasted by Miss World organisation by not placing her in any of the other events. We still have hope on her that she will ace the interview and will make it to this far in the competition. Let’s see if she can prove us right or not..!!

Top 5

5) Hungary: Edina Kulcsár

Edina is full of life! She is very fit & rocked the sports contest by finishing second. Her next feat was Top 5 placement in Top model contest. She is full of energy on the ramp and is very youthful. If she doesn’t win Miss World, we would LOVE to see her in Miss Universe. She can bring Hungary to the Top 5 in MU for sure! In her, MWO can find a lively, dynamic, gorgeous & charming Miss World.

4) Mexico: Daniela Álvarez

Daniela’s strength as a contestant was clear during the Top model contest. She walks like a star. Her polished attempt was a clear evidence of the training that she has underwent for the blue crown. She is also one of the best faces of Miss World 2014. If someone from the far west has to win, she would be Miss Mexico!

2nd Princess-India: Koyal Rana

The best thing about Koyal is her overall excellence. This beauty seems to be carved for Miss World. Even before she won Miss India, she pretty qualified for the big pageant due to her genuine social service & undeniable charm. Koyal has won all the pageants she has participated by far and gives her best shot in whatever she does. This is clear from her high placements in challenger events. This girl may just end up bringing the sixth crown to her country. India is anyway on a ride, winning around 3 international pageants in past 10-15 days!
1st Princess-Australia: Courtney Thorpe
Australian beauties are always silent performers. They don’t really create a buzz when the contest start, but by the time the contest reaches the peak, they are among the favorites. The same was the story of Jennifer Hawkins and same thing can be said about Courtney. This bright beauty has her heavenly eyes set on the blue crown and it would be no surprise if the crown adorns her head at the end of the finale on 14th.

Winner- South Africa: Rolene Strauss

Just like Koyal, the best thing about Rolene Strauss is her downright excellence as a contestant. She is a star material. It is only fair that such a bright beauty wins a major international pageant like Miss Universe or Miss World. Appreciating her beauty and personality can be easier than winking eyes!!!

What do you think about our pick? Do let us know.. 🙂