Miss World 2014: Challenger Events’ Finalists & Expert Predictions

Miss World pageant stands out from the cadre due to Beauty with a purpose & the challenger events.  The events give the girls an opportunity to shine and keep the world viewers engaged for the period prior to the finale.  The journey to the finale is most fun in Miss World simply because of the challenger events.  Other pageants are focused on the destination only!

Like last year, Miss World organization has announced the winners of the challenger events as the finals are approaching.  Our experts who have been keeping a very keen eye on the developments by far have picked the favorites for the challenger events.

Beach Fashion 
Beach Fashion

Qualities seeked in the winner: The round is as much about the beach-wear as much it is about the girl.  It is about the harmony that the two of these are able to establish together.  At times when the body of the girl is really toned, for instance Ksenia Sukhinova in Miss World 2008, the quality of beach-wear may matter less.  But in a contest like Miss World where the best of the best are against each other, everything is noted and everything is important.  

Our prediction: Mexico’s Daniela Álvarez Reyes is the front-runner in our eyes.  When it comes to physical beauty, this girl is a stalwart.  Her bewitching countenance, sexy smizes & the perfectly groomed walk will just add to the amazingly shapeful body that she has.  The country is always prepared when it comes to Miss World & we expect Daniela to come out with a really amazing beach-wear.  For now, she is the one we expect to win this event.  Her closest competitor can be India’s Koyal Rana.  This girl has came prepared with an amazing wardrobe.  The picture of her beach-wear is leaked and it is amazing.  The lass looks like an angel in the one-piece bikini.


TalentQualities seeked in the winner: The winner of the round should be someone who totally rocks the show leaving everyone spell-bound and fortunately almost every year Miss World pageant finds few girls who fit these criteria quite well.

Our prediction:  The war is between Miss Malaysia Dewi Liana Seriesth who will sing opera and Miss Scotland Ellie McKeating who will sing traditional gaelic vocals.  Majority of the fans expect Miss Malaysia to win.  Even before the talent event, she was considered a favorite since her singing abilities have been popular.  Both the girls will perform during the finals.

Top Model

Top ModelQualities seeked in the winner: Execellent ramp skills, confidence in front of masses, confidence, poise and energy.  It is often said that a lot can be said about people from the way they walk.  The winner of this round can be someone who can impress you just by a seeming stroll on the stage.

Our prediction: Our pick is Hungary’s Edina Kulcsar.  The girl was very energetic on the stage.  Her presence was remarkable and she made a very easy and strong impression.  She is comfortable in her skin.  In fact, she is quite happy in her skin.  The next possible choice can be South Sudan’s Awien Kuanyin-Agoth.  This exhuberant African is ridiculously tall-looking and just cannot ever be missed.  Her lean structure makes her the perfect model.  This country always sends remarkably modelesque girls and it is time they are appreciated for this.



Qualities seeked in winner: The round is about how the girls interact with their fans on social media.  It is not just about the number of likes on the page.  It is about the quality of posts and how the girls respond to their fans.  It is about expressing yourself in front of the world on social media.  This skill is important because social media is a very prominent mode of personal promotion for celebrities.

Our prediction: Miss USA Elizabeth Safrit is very active on social media.  Her activity is well-noted especially on twitter.  She would retweet information about her and along with her many associated pages would do the same.  Elizabeth seems a very humble and friendly person through her interactions on social media.  Next favorite for the title would be Miss India Koyal Rana.  The girl is posting brilliant updates on the pageant and is beautifully interacting with her fans.  She talks about the other contestants, the MWO staff, the hotel staff, Ms. Morley, Megan and a lot about London.  Frankly she is doing a better job than previous two Multimedia winners.  The only factor that works against her is that the award is being won by India from 2 years, since its very inception.  Hence MWO may want a new winner for this year.

Beauty With A Purpose

Beauty with a Purpose


Qualities seeked in winner:  The contest forms the core of the pageant and is the reason why Miss World is considered the most noble beauty contest in the world.  Millions of dollars are being raised by Miss World Organization through Beauty with a purpose activity.  Not just that, the contest nudges girls to do the same in their own capacities in countries.  The winning contestant should be the one who is doing the same genuinely and whose project has brough huge returns.  Unique projects can stand out.  Girls who have done projects since longer periods are also benefiting.

Our prediction: England’s Carina Tyrrell is the easy pick for the title this time.  Anyone who saw her video will agree that the girl has devoted her life to the good of the people and society.  She has travelled to many countries since long and is serving humanity in variety of ways.  Perhaps giving the title to her would be the littlest possible appreciation that can be given to her.  The next pick for the award can be Miss Indonesia Maria Sastrayu Rahajeng.  Her unique project about building a bridge and how that strongly helped the community & people is impressive and very unique.  

Sports & FitnessSports Events


The winner of the event is Finland’s Krista Haapalainen.  She displayed excellent fitness & sports skills by impressive overall performance.  Second spot belongs to Hungary’s Edina Kulcsar.


The girls who perform the best in challenger events are generally at the top of the leader-board in Miss World finale.  This year the possible leader can be India’s Koyal Rana.  She is perhaps the girl who has placed in the highest number of events, not just in this year’s contest but may be till date.  As clear from the public buzz, she is a favorite for the blue crown along with South Africa’s Rolene Strauss.  It is a clear fight between the two.

Another thing to be noted is that there are only 3-5 girls who have placed in more than 2 events.  Hence the interviews are going to play a very huge role.  We should be ready for surprises.  There can be many unexpected faces among the semi-finalists and perhaps even the finalists. 

All in all, the pageant has been very much fun and we appreciate Miss World organization for giving us such an entertaining and amusing pageant.  This year has been very much fun to follow!  Indeed Miss World is the grandest and most magnificent pageant in the world.