Rolene Strauss from South Africa wins Miss World 2014

Miss World 2014 concluded by crowning stunning Rolene Strauss, from South Africa, as the new winner. The outgoing Miss World Megan Young from Philippines passed on the crown to Rolene. The contest had girls from 125 countries as participant. This is for the first time that the Leader of Interview Round, Miss France, failed to place in Top 25 and also the first time when the Leader of Final Leaderboard, Miss India, failed to make the final cut, i.e. Top 5.

Check out the full result  below:

Top 3
Top 3

Winner: South Africa

1st Princess: Hungary, Edina Kulcsár

2nd Princess: United States, Elizabeth Safrit


Top 5:

Hungary, Australia, England, South Africa, United States

Top 10

Top 10
Top 10

Australia, Mexico, United States, Kenya, Hungary, Brazil, Guyana, England, South Africa, India

Top 25:

Bolivia, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, England, Guyana,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Vietnam, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands,Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, United States, Trinidad and Tobago

Challenger Events’ Winners:


1) Beach Fashion: Sweden, Olivia Asplund

2) Top Model: Bosnia and Herzegovina

3) Multimedia: United States, Elizabeth Safrit

4) Talent: Malaysia,Dewi Liana Seriestha

5) Sports: Finland, Krista Haapalainen

6) Beauty with a Purpose:

Winners of Beauty with a Purpose
Winners of Beauty with a Purpose

Indonesia,Maria Sastrayu

India, Koyal Rana

Kenya, Idah Nguma

Guyana, Rafieya Husain

Brazil, Julia Gama


Interview Scoreboard

Interview Scoreboard
Interview Scoreboard



Congratulations to the winners and Semi finalists.


Pictures being updated:


Pic Courtesy: Miss World Website and Youtube Channel.