Miss Diva 2014 Episode 7 Review

Task – Swimsuit competition

Asha Bhat is invited back to compete.  Lara says she deserves a second chance.

Judges – Pria Kataria (Fashion designer), Atul Kasbekar (Photographer), Rana Daggubati (Actor, producer)

Top performers in my opinion
1) Alankriti
2) Noyonita
3) Lopamundra

Very good bodies and impressive presentation skills.  These girls can easily clear swimsuit competition of Miss Universe like today.

Nice performers
4) Shreeradhe
5) Hida
6) Vartika

Radhe is in shape and looked very charming.  Hida is tall & elegant.  Vartika needs to work on presentation skills, but her body is girly and beautiful.

Weak performers in my opinion
7) Asha (not in best shape)
8) Shruti (lower body needs more toning)
9) Nidhi (Skinny)

Asha has good presenation skills.  Shruti could have tried better styling.  Atul said Nidhi’s body is like that of a baby!

Appreciated by judges:
– Lopamundra (appreciated by Pria)
– Shreeradhe (appreciated by Rana, Atul – very endearing she is, they say)

Eliminated: Shruti, Nidhi

Shruti was very upset by elimination.  She shed tears even while talking about it later.

Episode 8 Agenda: Subcontests with all 15 girls

Favorites in the race by far:
Noyonita, Lopamundra & Alankriti are emerging as favorites.  Shreeradhe is still among the top girls, but not gaining momentum since 2 episodes.
Hida is among the good girls still, but not a stand-out.
Vartika is losing ground due to relatively weak presentation skills.    Asha has good presentation skills, & nice personality – but not a standout in anyway.