Miss World 2014 – TGPC’s October Hot-picks

Megan Young Crowning Valerie Weigmann as the New Miss World Philippines
Megan Young Crowning Valerie Weigmann as the New Miss World Philippines

A Fortnight ago Megan Young crowned Valerie Weigmann as Miss World Philippines 2014.  There are high hopes from Valerie, since she will be defending the Miss World crown for the Philippines. 

TOP 15

11.Iceland~Tanja Ýr Ástþórsdóttir 12. Bermuda   ~Lillian Lightbourn. 13.Argentina~  Yoana Don. 14.Brazil    ~Julia Gama. 15. Thailand~Nonthawan Thongleng

Thailand’s Nonthawan will surely grab a lot of attention due to her elegance.  Brazil’s Julia Gama shines like a polished diamond; she comes from a country which is doing wonderful in international pageantry in recent years.  Argentina’s Yoana Don looks glamorous and sophisticated – just how Julia Morley likes!  Bermuda’s Lillian Lightbourn is very much in shapeful & seems a strong candidate – not very common for the island!  Iceland’s Tanja Astporsdottir is absolutely gorgeous.  Infact strong preparation and effective grooming can bring her easily in the Top 10 and may be even further!

TOP 10

re10.Austria~Julia Furdea. 09.~Trinidad & Tobago  Sarah Jane Waddell. 08.Philippines~ Valerie Weigmann. 07.South Sudan~   Awien Kuanyin-Agoth. 06.Turkey  Amine Gülşe.

Austria’s Julia Furdea is another girl who can bring accolades to her country which generally is not very successful in pageants.  T&T Sarah Jane Waddell is absolutely gorgeous and we will not be shocked if she cracks Top 5 too!  Philippines’ Valeria Weigmann is lean, fair and graceful.  She is definitely a strong contestant and being from the defending nation will only make the pageant more challenging for her!  South Sudan’s Awien Kuanyin-Agoth is among our sentimental favorites.  She has a fabulous body and very attractive look.  This well-spoken beauty from Illinois, USA can repeat the success of Atong in Miss World.  Turkey’s Amine Gulse has a mesmerising face.  It’s been more than a decade this country won the crown and Amine definitely can do something about this. 🙂


05. Mexico~Daniela Álvarez. 04.India ~Koyal Rana. 03.Dominican Republic~  Dhío Moreno. 02.Hungary~Edina Kulcsár. 01.South Africa~ Rolene Strauss.

Now this part of the hot-picks was the main challenge for our experts.  Fifth spot was given to Mexico’s Daniela Alvarez.  She is very beautiful and at the same time she has an incredibly lovely presence.   India’s Koyal Rana has improved a lot after winning her national pageant.  She looks much fitter and seems to be doing a lot of social work.  Her BWAP project is considered to be very strong.  Dominican Republic’s Dhio Moreno is another beauty who seems very competitive.  With her amazing physical beauty, she has what it takes to win the crown – of course she needs to give her personal best though.  Hungary’s Edina Kulcsar is fresh, youthful and a stand out in her own way.  Our experts are really into beauties from countries which are not generally considered popular in international pageantry.  Let’s hope Edina keeps the faith!  Our winner for this hot-picks is South Africa’s Rolene Strauss.  She is easily the best girl from her country since many years.  South Africa is considered a strong country for Miss World.  Rolene with her gorgeous face, which is very commercial and photogenic, can definitely win it all for her nation.  Not only is she beautiful, she is also very charming and personable.

So this is what our experts have chosen for this month of October.  Of course, as new delegates come up and more information comes up about existing delegates, the hot-picks will evolve!  October happens to be the month of celebration in many parts of world.  Especially in India, it has the “big festival” of Diwali.  We wish a very happy Diwali to all our fans from India.