Miss Diva 2014 Episode 6 Review

A quick review of Miss Diva Episode 6 telecasted on Zee café on 14th October 2014.  Picture credit: Miss Diva FB page.

– Within a mall, there is a flash mob of cleaners (well-trained dancers dressed as cleaners) with brooms.  Once they catch the attention of the crowd, the girls start walking one by one within the mob.  The dancers try to obstruct them but the girls have to maintain their confidence.  This was definitely challenging for girls and fun to watch.  I think this is better than even the MU Evening gown round and I would love to see something like this in Miss India finals!  For selecting a representative for Miss Universe, such round is definitely a good choice.

Judges: Shantanu & Nikhil, Kunal Kapoor

Standouts (Appreciated by judges):
Alankriti (best for judges)

I think these are the Miss Universe ready girls and can definitely be noted at Miss Universe prelims. With proper gown and a nice interview, they can crack Top 15 even today.

Average performers:
Shruti (energetic)
Shreeradhe (criticized by Lara)

Weak Performers (Bottom 3):
Nidhi (she says I am used to being in the bottom & ppl love underdogs)
Vartika (awkward body language, kunal loved her face)
Chahat (lack of exhuberance or impact)

Elimination: I think all girls in bottom three were equal in terms of performances, but Chahat was eliminated being the weakest in the contest among the three overall.

It is clear that Vartika is not ready for Miss Universe at least at this point of time.

There is no point in choosing favorites now since we know the results. 🙂  But we can get one thing clearly – by far Noyonita is only girl who has received good  feedback in EACH and EVERY task (except the first one).  She did well in important rounds which assess girls for confidence on ramp & personality.  Next one has to be  Alankriti.

Tomorrow girls will walk in swimsuit and give interviews individually.  Lara is shown announcing that one girl who she feels deserves a second chance is returning.  Of course she is Asha.  Shreeradhe says it’s dissappointing – first time I personally didn’t like something this girl did. 🙂