Miss USA 2014 – TGPC’s Official Hot-Picks

We are proud and happy about the fact the we could bring a wide and thorough coverage of the pageant this year.  We have received countless messages of appreciation and we truly love it!  Plus it was fun for our team to cover the pageant and come up with the numerous posts!

Our team is full of pageant-experts who have been following the pageants since years.  We have achieved immense success in predictions since the very inception of our site.  In fact, we did better job at predictions than ALL the other popular pageant sites last year in ALL the major pageants.  Of course, the credits go to you too!  Without fans, we are nothing! 🙂

Miss USA 2014 is about to end within 24 hours and here we present our final hot-picks.




Detailed Review:

Miss AlabamaUSA 2014~  Jesica Warren Alhberg

There are times when you behold a sight and you feel how perfect it is.  It brings true bliss to your heart and you feel blessed.  You thank Him for the moment in time.  One such beautiful creation is Jesica – breath-taking beauty!

Miss  GeorgiaUSA 2014 ~  Tiana Griggs

When she speaks, you feel you have known her since years.  Her warmth and connection feels personal and intimate.  For once when you disconnect yourself from her talk and check her out, you are not disappointed either.  She is easily one of the most beautiful black ladies to have participated in the pageant in recent years.

Miss  Louisiana USA 2014 ~    Brittany Guidry

She is the silent killer.  Like Sushmita Sen in Miss Universe 1994 or Jennifer Hawkins in 2004, she stayed quiet until it was time for action.  With an impressive performance in prelims, she has registered herself as a strong contender to win the crown tomorrow (today in some countries).

 Miss South Carolina   USA 2014 ~Christina Zapolski

They may crack jokes on blondes, but we have to admit – many of the most stunning ladies on the earth have been blondes.  This years’ blonde queen of the pageant is certainly the vivacious Christina.  We cannot imagine her out of everyone’s attention in the finals.

Miss North DakotaUSA 2014 ~Audra Mari

This is the year of pageant veterans.  So many popular queens this year were runner-ups or finalists in previous years.  Well, by that trend, Audra has to be THAT girl for this batch.  She came very close to winning in Miss Teen USA and is back with a lot of preparation this time.  Her presence in Top 10 is certain for us and she will almost for sure be there in Top 6.  How far she goes beyond depends a bit on luck!  We will be not surprised if she takes away the crown too!

Miss  TennesseeUSA 2014 ~  Kristy Landers Niedenfuer

The reason why Miss Universe is still the most popular pageant in the world is because of the glamour quotient of the show and hence the girls with maximum glamour quotient are always among the top performers, may it be Miss Ecuador in 2013 or Miss Venezuela in 2012.  The Glamorous Doll of this batch is Kristy.  But beware, she is not ONLY a glamour doll.  She is a woman of substance, a bright young lady who clearly knows what she wants and is striving with patience for the same.

Miss  Florida  USA 2014 ~Brittany Oldehoff

Brittany is a highly successful model and literally stole the limelight from all the other girls during the evening gown competition in the prelims.  She was clearly the best – her shimmering gown looked very captivating.  This is the kind of gown that winners should have in major pageants like this!

Miss  Minnesota USA 2014 ~ Haley O'Brien

Although Miss World is more known for appreciating raw natural beauties, but still Miss Universe too has always encouraged such ladies.  Miss Spain 2013 can agree to this.  This is where Haley comes into picture.  She is ridiculously beautiful.  We see her doing lot better in terms of presentation, but still – the lovely features will definitely get her at least this far.  If she plays her cards well in finals, she can go even up to the top!

Miss  Nevada USA 2014 ~    Nia Sanchez

Nia has the latina touch to her.  We noticed that not only during the prelims, but also during the interview.  She is very polished and prepared.  She can be turned into a winner with better styling and gown.

Miss West Virginia USA 2014 ~ Charisse Haislop

She is going very strong in TGPC’s People’s Choice Awards.  In fact, we suggest she goes through the comments (or rather LOVE) she has received on her picture in the voting thread.  She will be overwhelmed with tears.  There are so many who are really loving this girl.  We think she can be the Twitter queen in case she makes it to the Top 10!

Miss  Colorado USA 2014 ~ Eleanna Livaditis

Along with Florida, she wore one of our favorite gowns in the prelims.  A little bit of grooming and she can turn that evening gown presentation into a 9.99 kind of stuff.  We would love to see something even close to that happen during the finals!

 Miss ConnecticutUSA 2014 Desirée Pérez

Desiree, like her name, brings in the Venezuela flavor to the contest.  You can smell it not just in her looks, but also in her preliminary presentations.  

 Miss Ohio USA 2014 ~ Madison Gesiotto

Madison wow-ed us during the evening gown presentation.  She is so strong, she can easily prove us wrong by going farther into the competition.  Only reason she is at this rank at this point is because there are some more beautiful (in terms of features) girls out there.  But again, this is Miss USA.  Here performance speaks the most.

Miss  California USA 2014 ~Cassandra Kunze

Cassandra is full of energy and had one of the best video interviews.  Although we feel her body can be in better form, she definitely has the “modern beauty-queen” thing about her.  Plus she comes from California – the strong SASH!

Miss Illinois USA 2014 ~  Lexi Atkins

Lexi has a sexy name and showed everyone in the introduction video that she is a professional actress and the show-biz world is not new to her.  She gave nice performance in both rounds of the prelims and we think her spunk will definitely ensure her a spot among the semi-finalists!

Miss  Hawaii  USA 2014 ~Moani Hara

Her gown in the prelims looked very expensive and attractive.  Plus we think she would have done quite well in the personal interviews – she comes across quite a likable person.

Miss  Texas USA 2014 ~    Lauren Guzman

SASH factor is a term very popular among pageant-followers.  Well, that might come to play when it comes to this lady.  Of course, nothing comes to a person unless he deserves.  We feel there are many virtues that Lauren can boost of and in case she places, we would be glad!

Miss Vermont USA 2014 ~   Gina Bernasconi

Gina was not in our watch-list before, but she rose above our expectations in prelims.  We have no doubt she would be in the Top 25 when it comes to prelims scores.  A little bit of luck and this girl can be among the Lucky 20!

Miss  Michigan    USA 2014 ~Elizabeth Ivezaj

Elizabeth may not have done her personal best in the prelims, but she surely caught the attention of many.  Beyond the prelims, she is a pretty girl with a fit body and we think she can be a nice addition to the line-up of semi-finalists.

Miss New Jersey USA 2014 ~ Emily Shah

Emily can very well be the Trump pick.  She is pretty and confident, boosts of professional film-making experience and has the aura which MUO often appreciates.

We are expecting a brilliant show along with a stunning winner, because Miss USA is definitely one of the best conceptualized pageants in the world and perhaps the best national pageant in the Universe!  In case any other planets have objections, please contact us! 😛