People’s Choice for Miss USA 2014 goes to West Virginia.

Miss USA 2014 finale will come to a conclusion within next 24 hours and we shall have our new queen to represent USA in Miss Universe 2014. As a part of our coverage, we conducted a poll for for deciding the People’s Choice where all the 51 girls were subjected to the Public vote. We assumed it would b a tough fight between few front runners but, oh, we were wrong..!!!

TGPC People's Choice Award
TGPC People’s Choice Award

We saw a dark horse taking over all the lime light and leading the pack with a huge margin. She was constantly leading the poll till the end. And here we take an opportunity to declare the winner for the ‘TGPC People’s Choice Award’ is Miss West Virginia, Charisse Haislop. She won this poll with 87% votes in her bag. The closes follow-up was done by Miss Alabama with 5% votes. This shows, how her friends, family and fans wants her to win. And we believe when you have this huge public support, you tend to perform better and deliver your best when required. Logically, she may be the one who also would win a spot due to voting in Top 20 and may also win Twitter vote ‘#SavetheQueen’ if she reaches the Top 10.

 Charisse Haislop, West Virginia

Charisse Haislop, West Virginia

Presently, Charisse is in Top 10 of our Final Hot Picks for Miss USA 2014 and if she continues her momentum, she will soar high in finale. We wish this lady all the best for winning the Award of People’s Choice for the title of Miss USA 2014.

Check out the complete poll result: