Movie Review: 2 States

Alright, it’s been long since some movie created as much buzz as much 2 States did.  Perhaps the last movie with such aggressive publicity was Chennai Express.  Of course, Chennai Express had the super-star Shah Rukh Khan to carry it forward.  In case of 2 states, the anchor of the movie is… the book?  May be!  But then it’s not really a strong an anchor as SRK is, because obviously the book was popular but it’s reach may not be that big too!  Don’t get us wrong, the book is not weak and nor the story is!  The point is that the reason for the seemingly successful marketing of the movie is the way it(promotion) is done.  And the same “smart touch” is seen in the making of the movie too!

By the way, before we proceed, let us make you all aware that the writer of this review had read the book and had thoroughly loved it.  The book was read years ago, perhaps in the year 2009.  The story, as indicated by the title and obvious from the promos, is about two lovers who face the “parents” problem when they decide to get married, because they are from totally different cultures.  A “not so new or shocking story” but still it is presented with a lot of honesty and flair.  Anyways, more on that later…

Alia Bhatt looks absolutely gorgeous in the movie

Things we liked About the movie

  •         Arjun and Alia have done complete justice to their characters.  Yes, no complaints from them.
  •         The film is very genuine adaptation of the novel.  We mean, the adaptation is honest to the novel.  This is not a perception of the novel(directors say it when they add glamour or item numbers to a movie, sorry Mr. Bhansali… In case you didn’t get it, you are a Devdas 😉 ) .  All the fun parts of the novel are captured.  Many scenes remind you of the book and yet you are not bored.  You are actually having fun.  May it be the canteen scene where the lead pair meets, may it be the first-kiss scene, may it be meeting of families at convocation, may it be the way the lovers impress their in-laws – the film stays with the novel.
  • Few scenes here and there seem to be new additions and good ones on that.  Now the book was read years ago, but we are pretty sure that the mother of Ananya in the novel didn’t sing a song from a movie she did decades ago – yes, that was a smart and good add 😉  (Revathy sings a song from her hit move Love in the movie)
  •         The film seems to be a love-story initially but emerges into a story about the conflicts between children and their parents, not just about love-marriages but in general.  Parents are always protective about their children and want them to be happy and safe.  But children have their own dreams.  However, they compromise their dreams for their parents, still they don’t find happiness.  Because happiness is a personal/individual business – for children as well as for parents.  Of course, that is not the message of the film, but it explores the territory in a “commercial” way, a way that most people will understand and appreciate.
  •         Supporting cast is also excellent – Revathi, Amrita Singh and Rohit Roy have given their best.  The racist loud behaviour of Amrita Singh will remind you of many women you know (even your mother) and yet you love her.  In terms of acting, she has done an A+ job.  Revathi perfectly portrays the sophisticated, educated Tamilian.  The film would just not have been as good as it is, if these supporting characters were not well enacted.
  •         The film is amusing and enjoyable throughout and has a number of good scenes – may it be the fun, romantic interactions of Krish & Ananya and may it be the dramatic scenes in the second-half.  There are many interesting moments and scenes, perhaps many to be listed out here.  Please watch the movie. 🙂
Amrita Singh & Revathi add a lot to the movie, even the other supporting cast
Amrita Singh & Revathi add a lot to the movie, even the other supporting cast

Movie v/s Book

Alright, the book was read years ago and it was really fun.  Movie is actually good, much more than expected.  Perhaps it is one of the few cases where a book is so well-adapted into a movie.  Although if we have to pick one, we would still go with the book and that is because perhaps a book becomes a longer and more personal read.  But still, we maintain – this is a really good adaptation of the book.  Great job!  Chetan Bhagat can be satisfied. To all those book lovers,who are yet to read this book, click on the image below to get it at the lowest prices..!!!

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Should You Watch It?

Yes!  Please!  Especially if you have been in love – romantic or with a dream!  That means pretty much everyone.  This story is not just for all those who have faced problems in love-marriages.  It is about the conflicts that children face with their parents and vice versa.  It will resonate a lot with Indian youth.  Every child wants their parents to be happy, and every parent wants their child to be happy.  But when fear and insecurity drives these intentions, it’s complicated!  When love and trust drive show, it all eventually works out. 🙂

Ratings – 3.5 / 5