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TGPC’s Early Favorites for Miss Universe 2014

Miss Universe 2013 contestants before the Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2013 contestants before the Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2014 Pageant is turning out to be the one of the toughest and  most fierce  batches.  28 countries have elected their delegates so far for the pageant and all of them are stunning in their own ways.  Most of the delegates are pageant veterans, so they are well prepared for the pageant.

Here are our Top 5 favorites for the month of April.

#1 Paulina Vega ~ Colombia

Past couple of years haven’t been good for Colombia at pageants.  Despite sending stunners at both Miss World and Miss Universe in the last 2 years, Colombia failed to place in the Semi Finals.  This year Colombia might walk away with the most coveted crown in the Universe, courtesy of Paulina Vega.  Paulina is a perfect example of Latin Beauty, not only TGPC, but even Osmel Sousa, National Director of Venezuela, also thinks that Colombia might take the Miss Universe crown.  Can Paulina be Colombia’s 2nd Miss Universe?  Well, we do hope the government of Colombia won’t take any taxes from her after Miss Universe 2014.  🙂

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#2 Rolene Strauss ~  South Africa

8-years old Rolene watched the crowning of Miss South Africa  in the year 2000, when Jo-Ann Strauss won the title.  The two are not related to each other – they coincidentally share the same surname.  She dreamt of winning the title one day, and she won the title in March 2014.  Rolene will be representing SA in both MU and MW.  She is a 4th-year medical student and she is associated with many charities.  Her biggest asset is her face – it’s just flawless and, to add cheery on the top, she is a great speaker.  It will be hard for both MUO and MWO to ignore her, as she is the perfect combination of Beauty with Brains.  Her only drawback is her body, which needs some toning.

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south africa

#3 Andjelka Tomasevic ~ Serbia 

It’s safe to say Andjelka  is the flag bearer for Europe at Miss Universe, like Rolene for Africa.  Her beauty is her biggest assest.  TGPC has votes her as the most beautiful face of 2013.  Call it destiny,  Arnela Zekovicwas  suppose to represent Serbia at Miss Universe, but due to some personnel reasons, she resigned and Andjelika was appointed as Miss Universe Serbia 2014.  Her experience at Miss Earth will help her tremendously. The soft-spoken Serbian beauty needs to open up a little bit and find right styling for herself, which will make her journey towards the Miss Universe crown smoother and easier.

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#4 Josselyn Garciglia ~ Mexico

Josselyn is a major upgrade from her successor.  Last year Mexico was a mess at Miss Universe.  This 23 years old model has everything going on for her.  All she needs to do is work on her body, which IMO is her biggest downfall.  Josselyn – a stage Diva, it will be hard to take our eyes off her when she sizzles the MU stage !

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#5 Migbelis Castellanos ~ Venezuela.

Is Back to Back Possible for Venezuela at Miss Universe?  We believe odds are in favor of  Venezuela as Migbelis is a perfect combination of beauty, brains, body and perfect styling.  People, who are counting her out, should remember that she emerged victorious from one of the best batches Venezuela had in years, which speaks miles about what kind of competitor Migbelis really is.  Her Mentor Osmel Sousa is confident about her and believes that she can defend the crown, and bring back the 8th Miss Universe title for Venezuela.

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  1. i like Myanmar!!! Shar Htut is the queen.
    She’s the most beautiful one among all contestants this year. At least, she will get one title, as i think.

  2. Money? LOL. The Philippines is still considered a 3rd world country, you really think they’d rather spend their money winning crowns or getting into top 5 than making something worthwile with that money? They’re getting in every year because: a.) Pageants would be DEAD without the die hard fans in the Philippines that still care about pageants. and b.) their representatives we’re just simply STUNNING, WELL-PREPARED and FIERCE!

  3. How about Ms. Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa….Dont forget the Filipina beauty….every year the filipina beauty is always on the top spot…..

    • not always deservingly, though! The only reason Philippines enters every year in the last few years… was MONEY.

  4. hello, i like this year miss venezuela and miss south africa, miss venezuela is so beautiful, blonde, green eyes and good body; very strong to top 5, i’m sure she will be in 5 top, miss south africa so beautiful, green eyes, good look but, she has to work her body i hope she will be in top 5. i’m from colombia but don’t like miss colombia this year she has nice body, nice walk; but she won’t be in top 15 and even 10 or 5, so no oportunity to colombia again colombia is so far of that and it will be forever so sad!

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