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10 Reasons why we love Megan Young


10 Reasons why we love Megan Young

  1. Her barbie-like gorgeous face draws attention and makes you feel weak.  You feel nonchalant about the whole world.  You have found your divinity.
  2. Her sweet smile reminds you of babies.  One can never deny the cuteness of her face.
  3. Her presence makes you feel comfortable and easy.  
  4. There is a strong pleasantness about her being.
  5. Her regal demeanor robs you of your shame.  You just cannot help but open your mouth in awe, in front of everyone!
  6. The grace and elegance in her walk makes you feel you live in a “slow-motion” world.  Everything else stands still as theGoddess graces the earth with her feet.
  7. Her words are decorated with intelligence and smartness.  Her personality shines easily in front of even the best-groomed.
  8. Her lean and fit physique inspire millions of women to pursue their dreams of loving what they see in the mirror.
  9. Everything about Megan screams “winner”, “achiever”, “star” and “success”.
  10. She is indeed someone any and every girl can desire to be like.  She is a brilliant role-model.  Everyone wants to be her, because she is AMAZING!!


Picture courtesy:  Miss World Facebook page


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