Review: Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed

#Synopsis Review: The plot revolves around the center character Toby Marshall, played by Aron Paul. Toby is a fresh release from prison who was a street racer framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins. The races does not excite at all and looks monotonous. The camera work is poorly executed . Story is too predictable in our opinion and won’t excite even for a while. The direction was very poor. Aron Paul did his best but couldn’t save the movie. In short its all about a high budget film with lots of show off.

Aron Paul

Aron Paul

#Critique: NFS  is all about a showoff. Movie has nothing much more than showing off some expensive cars.


#Recommendation: Better skip it. You can invest the same money in more meaningful movies coming weeks.

#Our Score: 2/5



-Viraj Ubermensch Daruwala

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