Did you prefer Miss USA’s styling better at Nationals or at Miss Universe?


Many fans have often claimed that India, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Philippines and many other countries do a better job at training their delegates for Miss Universe than the country which owns the pageant.  Mostly the country USA produces a spectacular delegate every year.  However, many feel that the winner is always superior at the national pageant than Miss Universe.  We decided to spend few moments to analyze this!

2006 – We definitely prefer Tara’s styling at nationals than at Miss Universe.  The color of the gown was right at Miss USA.  The glittering dress made her look like a bright princess with a twinkle in her eyes.

2007 – Again, we liked Rachel of Miss USA better.  In fact, Rachel was “picture perfect” at Miss USA.  The gown was just right and so was her presentation.  Most people were quite sure that she would win by the time the final show approached its end.

2008 – Crystle was equally good or bad at both Nationals as well as Miss Universe.  But yes, she didn’t fall at Miss USA!

2009 – Kirsten again did not show much progress or retrogress in terms of styling.  Her gown was more or less same.

2010 – Rima Fakih was slightly better at Miss USA.  There was more spunk in her presence at the nationals.  White gown and the jewelery did more justice to her candidature.

2011 – Again, Alyssa was clearly the Goddess at Nationals.  Almost everyone unanimously loved her for the top spot.

2012 – Olivia looked overall better at nationals, but she was more confident at Miss Universe.  The red gown at MU was bold and attention-grabbing.  Her Miss USA gown was safer, but still helped her look good.

2013 – We actually prefer Erin’s styling at Miss USA.  Only few liked the gown, but we found the overall look quite distinct and for sure better than her Miss Universe look.  Wish she had wore something more interesting at Miss Universe!

Overall, we have to agree that mostly Miss USA winners look better at Nationals than at Miss Universe !!