Lets meet stunning Nadine Makhanlal, Indian Princess International 2014.

Victory celebration for Nadine Makhanlal
Victory celebration for Nadine Makhanlal

Nadine Makhanlal, winner of Miss India Holland (MIH) and Indian Princess International (IPI) is all set to stardom in Netherlands. She, along with MIH team, has got many promising projects in her hand. 21st March would be the day of the celebration of her win at MIH and IPI. Here she takes out some time for her fans and shares some sweet memories from past.

1) Hello Nadine, tell us something about you.

Nadine: I am an 18-year old girl who just graduated as a sales specialist in fashion. I live with my parents and older sister in Netherlands. Before winning MIH pageant I worked as a sales specialist for GUESS. I have a pasion for styling, modelling and desinging my own fashion.

2) What made you participate in MIH?

Nadine: I came in contact with MIH by coincidence. This summer I was visiting a festival where MIH had a stand. The MIH foundation was casting Indian girls for their pageant. Rietoe was enthusiastic about me right away and my mom convinced me to sign in. It was not on purpose, but I think it was meant to be after all.

3) You Views on Rietoe, Rakesh and Sharla as mentor?

Nadine with Rietoe Boedjarath, MIH National Director

Nadine: Rietoe, Rakesh and Sharla helped me learn me everything I needed to know about being a perfect role model and how to behave myself as a dignified Miss. During my way to the crown of the MIH pageant, they gave taught us catwalk lessons, communication workshops, make-up workshops, behavioral workshops and a lot more. Thanks to their lessons due to I made it this far internationally. Their support made me who I am today.

4) Your best/funniest/tensed moment in MIH pageant?

Nadine Makhanlal after winning Miss India Holland 2014 Pageant

Nadine: Definitely, the day of the finals. It was a period of hard work and in which I learned a lot. On that day, everything came together and I shined on the stage. Winning the crown was a conformation of all my hard work in the past months.

5) Are you associated with any social cause? Tell us something about it?

Nadine: During the MIH pageant, we had to raise money for charity. The good cause we supported was STOP! Against child, especially girl prostitution in India. I also won the sub-title of Miss Charity in the MIH pageant, because I’d raised the highest amount of money for our charity. This made me an ambassador of STOP!

6) Did you expect that you would be the winner of MIH and later on at IPI?

Nadine after wining Indian Princess International along with 2nd runners up, Nita from Germany (left) and 1st runners up, Saloni from USA (Right)

Nadine: I didn’t expect to win MIH and IPI. In both pageants there were a lot of beautiful girls I had to compete against. But during the pageants I worked hard and stayed true to myself. I’ve showed my inner- and outer beauty true both of the competitions and this contributed to win the MIH pageant as well as the IPI pageant.

7) How was your time in India and Thailand during IPI pageant?

Nadine: It was my first time in India and in Thailand and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m glad I had the opportunity to travel to India, because India is where my roots came from. I haven’t seen much of the country, but what I saw was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back! I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Rane for the opportunity to travel to Thailand. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. We had ride one elephants and played with real tigers.

8) What are your views on live in relationships? Do you support or oppose?

Nadine: Relationships are valuable in life. Especially the relationships with people who are very close to me, like the relationships with my parents and sister. I’m not in a relationship right now, but I don’t oppose it either. After all, behind every successful woman there is a successful partner.

9) If you could change history, what event would you want to change?

Nadine along with the winner of Indian Princess 2014, Chandni Sharma
Nadine along with the winner of Indian Princess 2014, Chandni Sharma

Nadine: I won’t change anything if I could. I think everyone has to learn from their mistakes. You can learn from everything in life, even from your mistakes. You grow because of your disabilities, it makes you a stronger person. And as they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

10) Since you are a winner, many girls in Netherlands must be aspiring to be next Nadine, what tip would you give them?

Nadine: To all the girls who want to be the next the Nadine, I would say: always follow your dreams, but be yourself. If you want something, go for it and take every opportunity you get to make your dreams come true.

11) Any message for your fans on ‘The Great Pageant Community?’

The Great Pageant Community

Nadine: Enjoy your life to the fullest, every day brings new opportunities. It doesn’t matter what you do, do it with love. My slogan in life is: ‘she who leaves a trail of glitter, is never forgotten’.

 We thank Nadine for her time with us and share her experience with fans…!!!