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Meet Miss Israel (MALKAT HAYOFI ISRAEL) 2014 contestants

Yityish-AynawMiss Israel 2013 winners

20 stunning beauties from across Israel will battle it out for the crown most prestigious  pageant in Israel.MALKAT HAYOFI ISRAEL – organized by La’alsha Magazine,on 4th March 2014 at the end of the pageant Yityish Aynaw will  crown her successor the winner will represent Israel at Miss World where as Runner Up will go to Miss Universe.

Presenting top 20 of Miss Israel

No. 1: Coral Peres, 18, from Bnei Brak

1545919_10151869266785718_478549139_n coral_3_7

No. 2: Noy Hodeda, 19, from Kiryat Ata

58446_10151869266795718_784878151_n noy_7

No. 3: Tamar Skorsirb, 19, from Be’eri



No. 4: Aviva Azran, 20, from Ashdod1558527_10151869266940718_918687316_n aviva_7

No. 5: Nell Zauber, 17, from Kfar Saba

1690235_10151869266945718_479577673_n nell_3_7

No. 6: Natalie Prepelitzki, 19, from Ramat HaSharon

1557496_10151869266950718_832220204_n natalie_3_7

No. 7: Danielle Azoulay, 21, from Kiryat Motzkin

1517620_10151869267155718_1968532527_n danielle_3_7

No.8: Amit Harari, 18, from Ramat HaSharon

1620762_10151869267160718_694760885_n amit_7

No.9: Tia Galili, 18, from Poriya

1661406_10151869267170718_1808165379_n tia_7

No. 10: Daria Lee, 18, from Jerusalem


No. 11: Yarin Sabag, 18, from Ashkelon

14827_10151869267310718_1056888492_n yarin_7

No. 12: Mor Maman, 18 from Beersheba

65388_10151869267355718_1755572470_n mor_3_7

No. 13: Shani Illouz, 23, from Rehovot

1546059_10151869267455718_1724414756_n shani_7

No. 14: Almog Hadad, 18, Rishon LeZion



No. 15: Eden Paz, 19, from Tel Aviv



No. 16: Efrat Vahaba, 23, from Ashdod

1688057_10151869267695718_837335100_n 1000_3photos (1)

No. 17: Sasha Alexsandra Shuturov, 17, from Safed

1654121_10151869267740718_1688847633_n sasha_7

No. 18: Doron Matalon, 20, from Beit Aryeh-Ofarim



No. 19: Chen Tzohar, 17, from Ramat Gan

1016409_10151869267805718_651216318_n chen_3_7

No. 20: May Shir Igawa, 22, from Tel Aviv

1012064_10151869267855718_2066475218_n may_3_7

– Team TGPC.

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