Imagine if they had switched places – Gabby at MW & Megan at MU !!

Megan & Gabby together :)
Megan & Gabby together 🙂

On seeing the pictures of Gabriela & Megan together, my mind wonders – what would have happened if Gabriela had participated in Miss World 2013 and Megan had participated in Miss Universe 2013?  Would they have won?  If not, who would have won those pageants?

Megan @ Miss Universe – I think Megan would have easily made the cut into the Top 15.  She would have cleared the swimsuit round with ease.  Her regal walk and beautiful look in the pastel colored gown would have been a huge hit in Miss Universe and she could have won the evening gown competition. The support of the audiences coupled with her genuinely good personality would have enabled her to win the Miss Universe pageant perhaps more convincingly than Gabby did!

Gabby @ Miss World – I find it strange when a Miss Venezuela does not do good at a pageant.  The world witnessed this happening at Miss World last year when Karen Soto could not achieve even half of the success that almost 80 % of Miss Venezuela winners get at most pageants.  Gabby would have certainly did better.  She would have placed in Top 11 of Beach Fashion for sure, because Gabby has a very tall, toned and magnificent body.  She would have done well in Top Model too.  I think she would have certainly made it to the Top 10 in the final show and there would have been fair chances of her making it to the Top 5 (later 6) too.  However, I think Marine would have won the crown and not Gabby!  Marine was very much “right there” and had it been some other year, the story would have been different!

Nevertheless, all this is just for fun!  I do over-think at times and it’s fun to over-think when it’s on a subject of your interest, like pageants in my case!

Have a good day everyone!