Carolina Izsak: The Goddess of Beauty from Venezuela

1o3kno Carolina Izsak, winner of Miss Venezuela 1991, represented the pageant   powerhouse  Venezuela in Miss Universe 1992.This 6.1 feet tall girl became an instant favourite at Miss Universe 1992 due to her universal appeal of beauty, slender body frame and green eyes

carolina iszack (3)

During preliminary, Carolina topped the competition in all 3 segments of Swimsuit, interview and evening gown with an average score of 9.477. Trailing behind was Miss Namibia, who eventually would become Miss Universe later on, with a score of 9.147.


Carolina also topped finale Top 10 mastering the segment of Evening gown and Swimsuit.  She was followed by Miss Colombia and Miss India.

Carolina Izsak 9

She made the cut in the top 6 with a score of 9.541 which maintained her front runner status. But the journey ahead became difficult when she was asked by the judge Khun Ying Sasimi Srivikorn “If you could know one thing about your future, what would you like to know?”  Izsak replied that she does not want to know anything about her future even though she does project her life and tries to live every day as if it is her last.” The judges didn’t seem much impressed and gave her a score of 9.486 which made her journey towards crown end right there. The top 3 were Miss India, Miss Namibia and Miss Colombia. She lost the game with a margin of 0.028 point.

It is interesting to know that Carolina won at Miss Venezuela 1991 and her runner up was Ninibeth Leal, who represented at Miss World 1991. Ninibeth emerged out as a winner whereas Michelle Mclean, Miss Namibia managed to finish Top 5 only. She may not have won Miss Universe, however, Carolina shall undeniably be remembered as one of the most beautiful Miss Venezuela ever.

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