Official Votings for People’s Choice Award for Indian Princess 2014 Begins…!!!

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The team of ‘The Great Pageant Community‘ takes the honour of conducting the Official Voting for the selection of ‘People’s Choice Award‘ from the girls out of Indian Princess 2014 finalists. The voting is being conducted in collaboration of Missosology, world’s No.1 Pageant forum, so as to get a blend of Indian as well as International followers. The winner of the ‘People’s Choice Award’ shall receive a trophy and a sash of People’s Choice 2014 during finale, as other sub contest. We know how public support can boost girls confidence during performance. Here is the first look of each girl with their short folio.

Vote for your favourite and make her win the prestigious award of People’s Choice. You can vote as many favourites as you want and as many times as you like..!!!! No bars No restrictions.. So, keep supporting your favourite. Voting lines shall close on 11:59 PM, 17th Feb’14, IST, i.e. before one day of finale.

IP 1 to 4Left to Right: 1) Anuja Kashyap, Mumbai 2) Avneet Kaur Arora, Delhi

3) Beant Kaur, Chandigadh 4) Chadni Hussain, Hyderabad

IP 5 to 8Left to Right: 1) Chandni Sharma, Mumbai 2) Deborah Doris Fell, Hyderabad

3) Dimple Paul, Mumbai  4) Gurpreet Kaur, Mumbai

IP 9 to 12

Left to Right: 1) Heena Harwani, Mumbai 2) Juhi Khan, Mumbai

3) Kunwar Preet Choudhary, Mumbai  4) Monica Sharma, Delhi

IP 13 to 16Left to Right: 1) Nikeeta Zara, Delhi 2) Nilam Muzaffari, Baroda

3) Nisha Choudhary, Chandigadh  4) Rashmi Rajput, Mumbai

IP 17 to 20Left to Right: 1) Reena Barot, Mumbai 2) Sabby Suri, Chandigadh

3) Saloni Kapoor, Delhi 4) Surbhi Tiwari, Mumbai

IP 21 to 24 Left to Right: 1) Swati Nanda, Mumbai 2) Swati Singh, Mumbai

3) Unnati Hunjan, Pune 4) Urvashi Sharma, Mumbai






1) Anchal Choudhary

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