POLL RESULTS: Megan Young is better than Maria Gabriela Isler

And it is official!

We started a poll on our blog to find out who is more preferred – the reigning Miss Universe or the reigning Miss World.

Our experts had showed their hand towards Miss World, but still, to our surprise, Miss Universe was leading in the beginning.

But as days passed, Megan took a lead and now she is having more than 70 % votes.

We declare our poll officially closed.

And we conclude confidently, MEGAN IS BETTER THAN GABRIELA ISLER.

We take pleasure is making you all aware that thousands of people participated in the poll which was shared on social media by fans for more than 100 times.

People from more than 100 countries visit us and it is their say – Miss World 2013 is better than Miss Universe 2013.  Our experts grin, for they stated the same!


Link to Poll: http://thegreatpageantcommunity.com/2013/12/26/vote-for-your-favorite-now-philippines-megan-young-miss-world-vs-venezuelas-gabbrielle-isler-miss-universe/

Results Summary: