Manasi bags the title of ‘Most Beautiful Miss India 2013’

So as I promised yesterday, here I come with another category of ‘Most Beautiful Miss India 2013.’

Our experts had a tough time on selecting Top 3 for The Great Indian Pageant Community’sMost Beautiful Miss India 2013’. As stated previously, I have selected 8 contests which are relevant as per majority of our experts, as follows:

1)      Miss Universe India: Manasi Moghe

2)     Miss World India: Navneet Kaur

3)    Miss International India: Gurleen Garewal

4)    Miss Supranational India: Vijaya Sharma

5)    Miss Earth India: Sobhita Duhipala

6)    Miss Asia Pacific World India: Srishti Rana

7)    Miss Intercontinental India: Sharon Fernandes

8)    Miss Grand International India: Roopa Khurana.


My Top 3 for ‘Most Beautiful Miss India 2013

Winner: Miss Universe India, Manasi Moghe


This girl has set a benchmark for coming future Miss India. Not only because she is facially beautiful, but what hard work and dedication leads to!!! If we compare her from the day we saw her at Miss Indore and the day we saw her at Miss Universe, one can’t believe that just in a span of 8 months, somebody can transform into a stunner. What I find most beautiful thing about Manasi is that she captivates you with such a positive presence.

‘The more you see her, the more you fall in love with her’

This girl has got a smile of million dollars and I believe that she made to top 10 majorly because of her divine smile and angelic beauty. In my opinion, when other girls at Miss Universe had to do sassy turns, classy poses, fierce moves and what not to make it to top 16, Manasi just had to come in front stage, give a charming smile and half of her work was done. While my interactions with many other fellow contestants, I got to know that Manasi never had any arrogant behaviour with any of her fans or co-contestants, infact most of her co-contestants were happy to see her win…!!!

I would define Manasi as a gem who personifies the proverb ‘Beauty is what beauty does’.

I would seriously look forward to see Miss India of her qualities in future..!!!


 1st Runners Up: Miss World India, Navneet Kaur Dhillon


If this was a competition of best face, Navneet would have topped the chart. However, what sets Manasi ahead of Navneet is that charm which Navneet missed out during Miss World stints. She had this at Miss India and that’s what made her over other girls out there. Unfortunately, Navneet looked little lost at Miss World, may be because of the depression that she wasn’t placing in all sub events which decides the finalists at Miss World 2013. However, it should be noted that she got Timeless Beauty award at Miss India 2013 and Miss Photogenic at Miss Chandigarh 2013. She certainly deserved those. In my opinion, Navneet was one of the prettiest Miss India(s )ever. She is in a league of her own and will go down as most beautiful Miss India once she matures into womanly features; yes she is still a young girl who needs 3-4 years to develop into a full-fledged beautiful woman. To add to this, she looked the best in finale of Miss World along with Miss Brazil. If she was in top 10, she would certainly have been in top 5. Anyway, she is back with a bang and her recent photo-shoot has come out to be really well.


2nd Runners Up: Miss Supranational India, Vijaya Sharma.


This was a tough call for me to decide between Vijaya Sharma and Srishti Rana for the 3rd spot. However, the reason I chose to go for Vijaya is that she has got an angelic face with serene beauty, whereas Srishti is more of fierce beauty, which can turn out be sexy at times. Vijaya’s photo-shoot at Miss India was one of the best along with Anukriti and Navneet. Vijaya’s hair is her asset which adds a lot of a charm on her. However, I feel, Vijaya could have topped my list if she smiled more because smile is the main factor that helps connecting with mass public. The national costume of Kerala bride (Apsara kind) was indeed very seductive and I felt she looked best in Asia. Although she didn’t win Miss Supranational, she definitely finds a place in my top 3 list of ‘Most Beautiful Miss India’


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