India’s Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

The most awaited finale of India’s Miss TGPC Season-11 concluded on 14th May 2023 hosted by Confidence & Crowns in Infinite Studio, Pune. The Final 5 finalists; Aishwarya Dikshit, Barbie Mishra, Debasmita Gaur, Riya Jakhar, Sakhi Dahale competed physically during the show. A total of 68 girls competed in Season-11 who went through series of challenges and rounds like Evening Gown Round, Cocktail Wear Round, Ethnic Wear Round, Personal Interview, Social Media Tasks, Sponsor Tasks etc for 2.5 months online and the final 5 were selected for the crowning.

The contestants competed Closing Statement, Q&A Round, Cocktail Dress and Evening Gown Rounds sponsored by Style by Serena Khat. The show was directed by Tanvi Kharote and IBS Pune did make over for the final show that was hosted by Lavanya Pati and Upasana Rawat. The show was graced by the outgoing queens Jigyasa Sharma, Praachi Nagpal, Sanya Dikshit along with Miss Ocean India-Avanti Shroff and Miss Cosmos Queen runner-up Antra Das.

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

The pageant finale was judged by accomplished jury panel comprising of Dipakk Shahi- Co-founder of India’s Miss TGPC, Chahat Dalal- Mrs Galaxy 2023, Supreet Kour- Mrs Cosmos Queen 2023, Parag Awasthi- Vastu Expert. The final result of the show was as below.

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

Winner: Aishwarya Dikshit, Maharashtra

1st Runner-up: Riya Jakhar, Rajasthan

2nd Runner-up: Debasmita Gaur, Karnataka

3rd Runner-up: Barbie Mishra, Maharashtra

4th Runner-up: Sakhi Dahale, Maharashtra

More about 5 Winners

Aishwarya Dikshit

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

Aishwarya Dikshit is 26 years old beauty hailing from Mumbai. She is a Biochemistry graduate and currently working as a model. She aspires to keep growing as a model and also get the chance to represent India internationally. She also wishes to pursue my masters in genetic research. In her leisure time, she loves dancing as she is a trained Bharatnatyam and belly dancer. She also enjoys reading books and drawing in her spare time. On asking about her reaction when she was declared as the winner, she replied, “While I was awaiting with bated breath for the results to be announced, I imagined how it would feel once the crown was placed on my head and started tearing up. When my name was called out as the winner of India’s Miss TGPC, I couldn’t believe my ears and the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Tears of happiness and joy that my dream which I had been working relentlessly for since many years had finally been achieved. Conquering moments of self-doubt and fiercely believing in myself regardless of my circumstances, I achieved my goal and hope to pass on this inspiration to every girl out there who thinks her dreams cannot be fulfilled. You can and you will.

Riya Jakhar

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

Riya Jakhar is 22 years old beauty hailing from Jaipur. She is currently working as a model and aspires to represent India at an international pageant. She loves dancing, learning creative skills and styling different outfits. On asking about how she felt being crowned as one of the 5 winners, she replied, “Feeling highly elated & overwhelmed as I have experienced myself evolving from my previous pageants. When all your efforts and hardwork gets recognised, it feels so satisfying. Getting the prestigious crown of India’s Miss TGPC is an honor for me and I know that with great things comes great responsibilities, I am ready to make my TGPC family more proud and do justice to my crown.”

Debasmita Gaur

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final ResultDebasmita Gaur is 20 years old beauty hailing from Bangalore. She is currently pursuing B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Botany and aspires to work for people either as UN representator, civil servant. Debasmita loves dancing, theatres, sports activities etc. On asking about her winning reaction, she replied, “For a moment it was hard to process but as I had my first winning walk. I knew I have stepped into a world where I can start my journey to take on all the endeavours that I had thought in the world of pageantry. The support by the previous reigning queens, the mentors, true lines of wisdom from judges gives me the confidence to fulfil the responsibilities of the crown and the sash I adorn.”

Barbie Mishra

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

Barbie Mishra is 24 years old beauty hailing from Mumbai. She is currently pursuing Masters in International Business from SDA Bocconi Asia Center and aspires to excel in the entertainment industry. She loves singing, dancing and acting. On asking about her feeling when crown was placed over her head, she responded, “It has been my dream since the day I performed on the stage for the first time to excel in the entertainment industry. While growing up I pushed myself at every stage towards my ambition through hardwork, commitment and honesty. When I experienced the golden moment of wearing the crown and sash on the platform of India’s Miss TGPC Season 11. I could feel that all my dreams were turning into reality and opening doors for my future endeavours to represent India.”

Sakhi Dahale

India's Miss TGPC Season-11: Final Result

Sakhi Dahale is 20 years old beauty hailing from Nashik. She is currently working as a professional model and aspires to be an actor in future. She loves writing and dancing in her free time. About her winning reaction, Sakhi stated, “Well, it was certainly a dream come true. Just being in the top 5 itself was such a great feeling. When the crown was placed on my head, I felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. It was surreal to see myself as a part of the TGPC family now. It definitely feels great being a part of the community and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.”