Chit Chat with Amisha Chaudhary- Director of Mrs India Legacy

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

We recently had an opportunity to catch up with Amisha Chaudhary, the founder of Mrs India Legacy which has tasted success at international pageants recently through their winners and TGPC was able to get some really great insights from Amisha about their upcoming pageant Mrs India Legacy Season-5.

Hi Amisha, so tell us how is Mrs India Legacy Pageant shaping up for 2023?

5th year anniversary of DIADEM Mrs India Legacy will be no less than a gala night, it will be a starry affair along with our queens and together Diadem will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Our efforts have always been towards promoting traditional beauty standards, empowering women, promoting cultural awareness and serve as a source of inspiration for women around the world.

We are thrilled to announce that the organization has entered into a collaboration agreement with an international agency. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to make India proud at international level where our queens will be a part of renowned rostrum along with the queens from other countries. This year our jury panel will also have experts from overseas.

How do you think Mrs India Legacy is a different pageant than other beauty pageants for married women?

Mrs India Legacy has established itself as one of the most prominent Indian beauty pageants since 2018. The queens of Mrs India Legacy go on to achieve widespread exposure and recognition by representing India at international platforms by participating in Mrs United Nations, Mrs Universe, Mrs International Global under the global association of Mrs India Legacy with these renowned international pageants.

Amisha Chaudhary

The queens undertake several social responsibilities to uplift the underprivileged segments of Indian society through Mrs India Legacy’s brainchild Masik Satya, an initiative to work towards sanitation and hygiene of underprivileged women. With a philanthropic vision at its core, this institution creates awareness, educates women in rural communities, and provides opportunities to improve their quality of life.

What are the opportunities that a participant or winner can look forward by participating Mrs India Legacy 2023?

The winners of Mrs India Legacy are propelled into the limelight. They further go on to represent India and participate in international pageants. This gives the queens unparalleled exposure and proves to be a stepping stone for them.

After the pageant, our queens establish a new career in the fashion industry. Our contestants get the opportunity to shoot for brands, walk for renowned fashion designers at Times and Lakme Fashion Week, and work in the film & television industry.

Mrs India Legacy winners have done amazingly well in past at international pageants, how did it feel when Indian delegate was declared as 8th place at Mrs. Universe 2021?

Accolades on international platforms is an accomplishment not just for our Queen but also for us as a Pageant company. It is really a proud moment for me as a National Director and we believe that it makes our Pageant unique and stand out of many other platforms because of the hard work and dedication we devote in to make it happen again and again for all the future opportunities that come in our way.

Our Queen Dr Archana Chowdhry has made the nation proud. She was the only Indian in top 10 and bagged the 8th position with the subtitle Mrs Universe – Perfection, this is just another reason to be proud of what she has achieved.

As it is quoted that when there is no struggle there is no progress, the journey from scratch wasn’t easy for her. Dr Archana left no stone unturned to make sure that the tri color flurs at the South Korean Arena. She has set an example of hardwork, resilience and self-belief and has set the legacy for the future queens to follow.

What is the vision of Mrs. India Legacy in coming 5 years?

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

I see Mrs India Legacy creating history in future to come. What is important to note how our Queens grow in the newer avenues they choose, how they influence the society, be a change ambassador and contribute to overall organic growth of the brand Mrs. India Legacy.

How is 2023 pageant going to be different from last year?

We plan and aspire to take our pageant experience to a whole new level every year exceeding the benchmark that has been already set. 2023 marks our 5th anniversary year since the inception and hence it is very special in many ways. Moreover there is a special news that we would like to announce, now we have an exclusive franchise of Mrs International Global, which is another renowned International platform that our Queens will be representing India on.

Tell us more about the parent company Diadem Pageants.

Diadem Group of Pageants was founded in the year 2018 exactly a year after I had returned as a Winner and first Indian to win this category & crowned as Ms. United Nations 2017. Having realized from my own experience I believed that it is very important to have a good credible platform for married ladies. A platform which works on the grass root level, a platform that believes in enriching the true potential of the Indian woman.

Since 2018, Diadem has been organizing pageants across different categories and has blossomed into one of the most successful pageant organizations in India. The pageants we organize include Diadem Mrs. India Legacy, Diadem Miss & Mrs. Maharashtra and Miss Diadem India.

After launching several successful pageants, Diadem pageants has now established as one of the most prominent organizations in Indian Pageantry.

How can ladies apply for Mrs. India Legacy?

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

To apply visit our website and register yourself. The detailed format of the virtual auditions will be emailed to the registered candidates. Our team contacts the registered candidates for the further assistance.

What qualities do you look forward in your winners this year?

The major qualities reflected in Mrs India Legacy winners are elegance, a positive demeanor, empathy, and humility. Mrs India Legacy queens are multifaceted. They are bright individuals who excel in their lives and careers and have the zeal to contribute more to our society.

The search for the ideal queen begins by identifying and nurturing the unique talents and individuality of each participant. This is done through a series of interactive sessions and workshops. During the finale, several sub-contests are held to further assess the potential and caliber of each contestant before deciding upon the winners.

What is one suggestion that you wish to give to aspirants for Mrs India Legacy 2023?

I am one person who is really charmed by the rigor and passion aspirants show during the grooming and training sessions. It is very evident that these ladies are determined to stand out and make a difference.

I would advise each contender of the Mrs. India Legacy title to keep their moral high and never give up. You have taken an incremental step towards making an identity for yourself, just be unstoppable and things will turn out to be in your favor.

What all rounds are there during the contest finale?

The Finalists are required to go through various rounds like –

Introduction Round, National costume Round, Personal Interview, Talent Round, Beauty with Purpose Project and Q & A.

To a popular belief, Mrs India pageant is only for financially rich women or women who are in their younger days, what would you say?

Well, I would refute this belief because there are numerous examples where we have seen some of the successful title winner winning laurels on the international platform despite their age or the financial background.

Beauty pageants have been controversial, with critics arguing that they promote the objectification of women and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. It is crucial to note that it is your efforts, hard work and attention to detail which is of prime importance rather than any materialistic factor. Follow through the instructions and guidance that the National Director gives, and you will surely be a successful contender.

We are dedicated on providing a platform to the ladies to take on to the world, Mrs. India Legacy empowers women by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and achieve personal and professional goals. Through our pageant we have helped women build confidence, develop public speaking skills, and gain access to networking opportunities irrespective of their financial background.

Any message for the readers of TGPC who may potentially be preparing to apply for Mrs. India Legacy?

Dear TGPC Followers & Readers, We at Diadem group welcome you to ‘Mrs. India Legacy’, India’s most credible and valued beauty pageant platform. We believe you are talented and an all-rounder in your life, we would love to nourish and shape your personality to be the best.

The word tomorrow does not exist in reality, we live in present and this is the time to take decisions that would change your life and transform your personality to an authentic identity of a Queen who is true expression of beauty.