Amisha Chaudhary – A Star In Indian Pageantry

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

What comes to mind when you think of a pageant? Most probably it is the image of women sashaying down the glittering runway in beautiful designer gowns. A pageant is a celebration of beauty for sure. It is a work of art and a showcase of personality and talent. An amalgamation of glamour and entertainment. And as you will see, it is so much more than that.

” The world belongs to those who dare to dream. “

Amisha has found inspiration in this quote. From being a working mother in the hospitality sector to charting her own way and turning into a full-fledged entrepreneur, she has come a long way. She changed her course after realising her passion for helping fellow women reach their full potential. An avid campaigner of women’s rights, Amisha has always been keen to find a way to contribute more to society.

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

In 2017, she decided to participate in a beauty pageant. Her hard work paid off. She was crowned as Miss United Nations and proudly represented India at the international level. This experience proved to be a turning point for Amisha. It gave her an insight into the entertainment industry. She got the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who helped launch her own pageant a year later.

Being a pageant organiser was a calculated decision for Amisha. It gave her a sense of purpose. She realised how her own pageant journey had a huge positive impact on her life. This further motivated her to launch a national platform for Indian women to take a step towards a better future. This was the start of Diadem.

Since 2018, Diadem has been organising pageants across different categories and has blossomed into one of the most successful pageant organisations in India. The pageants held every year include

  • Miss Diadem India
  • Diadem Mrs India Legacy
  • Diadem Miss & Mrs Maharashtra

Diadem has proved to be a turning point in the life of several women and has helped them become a better version of themselves.

Each year, the winners are propelled into the limelight and further go on to represent India on international platforms at Mrs United Nations, Mrs Universe, and Mrs International Global.

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

Diadem pageants have a well-crafted module that helps bring out the best in every participant. The search for the ideal Diadem queen begins by identifying and nurturing the talents and individuality of each participant. This is done through a series of interactive sessions and workshops that take place within a span of a few weeks.

This search concludes with the selection of a group of brilliant, socially conscious women as Diadem finalists who then put their best foot forward at the grand finale in pursuit of the crowning glory.

After the pageant, the queens can choose to work across several industries. Through Diadem, they can expect to receive modelling and acting contracts. Queens can shoot for brands, walk for renowned fashion designers, and work in the film and television industry. They also get the opportunity to work with Diadem in management positions and even as a mentor.

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

Over the years, Diadem queens have proved their mettle in different fields. They have been a source of inspiration and a beacon of hope for women to go out, work hard, and achieve what they aspire to.

Some notable Diadem pageant winners include

  • Dr Rashmi Rathore – After winning Diadem Mrs India Legacy in 2018, Dr Rashmi is now a prolific soft skills trainer and a pageant coach.
  • Shweta Srivastav – A pageant winner turned actor, Shweta grabbed eyeballs after working in TVCs for leading brands including Zomato, Yes Madam, and Incite. She is also a presenter on the DD National dance program, Just Junior.
  • Garima Sharma – Her signature walk and powerful presence has made Garima a ramp favourite. She has walked in renowned fashion weeks including those organised by FDCI, Times Fashion Week, and Lakme Fashion Week. Garima also works with Diadem as a ramp walk coach.
  • Ruchi Jain – After her pageant journey, she is now a social activist and a motivational speaker. Ruchi’s effervescent personality has helped her conduct over 300 virtual talk show sessions. She recently founded her own talk show and now interviews prominent personalities across India.
  • Dr Archana Chowdhry – She is a renowned ophthalmologist with a flair for fashion. Dr Archana made India proud by becoming a finalist at the international pageant, Mrs Universe 2021. She recently walked at Lakme Fashion Week for celebrated designer Rina Dhaka.
  • Alisshaa Ohri – She won hearts at the international pageant, Mrs Universe 2022. Alisshaa’s presence on the global stage was spectacular and she made India proud by winning the title of Mrs Universe Popularity.

Amisha has another feather in her cap. She is a founding member of a social initiative – Masik Satya, an NGO that focuses on social welfare projects. The team of Masik Satya organises campaigns across several rural and underprivileged regions of India to help educate people and provide them with opportunities for a better life.

Amisha Chaudhary - A Star In Indian Pageantry

The winners of Diadem pageants are the face of Masik Satya. These queens have organised several menstrual hygiene and education camps that have helped thousands of rural people.

Within every woman lies a dreamer. But only a few dare to depart from the conventional path, step out of their comfort zone and face the uncertainty and criticism that comes with working towards realising those dreams. Diadem is here to motivate and help them.

Amisha is optimistic about the future of Diadem. As a concluding remark, she adds, ” It gives me immense joy to see Diadem queens go on and make a positive impact in our society. When I realise that I helped improve a woman’s life, it more than makes up for the challenges that I faced. Diadem still has a long way to go.”

If you would like to know more about Diadem and participate in their upcoming pageants, please visit Mrs India Legacy.