Miss Universe 2020: Final Hotpicks

Miss Universe 2020 Final Hotpicks

Miss Universe 2020 is about to conclude with beauties from across 70+ countries vying for one crown. Let’s check out what does our team feel about the result

Winner: India

Adline Castelino is beyond sash factor, preliminary performance, perfect styling, etc because she has one thing thay sets her apart from rest by miles, that is STAR quality. Her aura is unmatched. When she is in room, you want to listen to her, you want to know her. That’s her power.

1st Runner-up: South Africa
Natasha Joubert has the most difficult task of pulling out a back to back win. While it may be little difficult, it’s not impossible. Natasha’s vibrant face and magnetic smile is enough to lock her in Top 2 already.

2nd Runner-up: Nicaragua

Ana Marcelo is youthful, beautiful and very refreshing; someone you can see as a glamorous filmstar. She was one of the finest performers of swimsuit and evening gown segments. To us, she was the best latina in the preliminary. If sash factor doesn’t come into play, she can swoop into Top 5 all the way.

3rd Runner-up: Puerto Rico

Estefania Soto Torres is a revelation. Tall beauty, stunning beauty, bubbly personality and cheerfulness in performance. If she plays her card well in finale, she may end up winning the crown.

4th Runner-up: Jamaica

Miqueal Symone is the ebony goddess of the lot. Her stunning performances filled with sparking energy and 100 watt smile got out attention. She has a Queeny aura about herself which is hard to ignore. If she speaks well, she could end up high or even winning.
Graphics: Shubham Drall