[Episode-16] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Meet the Top 3 Winners

With every new season, the contest keeps getting better. We would like to congratulate the outgoing queens Tanvi Kharote, Amanda Vas and Kritya Karda for having an amazing reign and showing considerable amount of progress in terms of transformation and achievements.

This time we had a new format where Top 10 girls were interviewed live on video conference by the jury. The panel of jury included Kartik Behl, Pradnya Motghare and Deekshya Singh. It was a tough call we must say and we are grateful to them for doing this tough task. We are also extremely grateful to all the 37 contestants who spent their entire energy in Season-8 to fight for making their place in the Top 3. We would also like to appreciate the remaining 2 girls in Top 5 put an amazing fight in the game. Now it is time to open the cards and meet the actual Top 3 of the India’s Miss TGPC Season-8.

[Episode-16] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Meet the Top 3 Winners

Congratulations Alka Chandra, Komal Bhardwaj & Vidhi Sharma for making it to the Top 3 of India’s Miss TGPC Season-8. We know this wasn’t an easy win but you deserve each and every bit of it. No more video shoots, no more tasks, the Top 3 crowns are just waiting to sit on your HEAD on the finale of the show in Mumbai on 5th April 2020.

Complete Result

Final Scores

Top 3 Winners (Alphabetical Order): Alka Chandra, Komal Bhardwaj, Vidhi Sharma

Winner: Vidhi Sharma

1st Runner-up: Komal Bhardwaj

2nd Runner-up: Alka Chandra

3rd Runner-up: Neha Javeri

4th Runner-up: Bbhakti Ponganti

Top 10: Tanisha Pal, Ayushi Korate, Niharika Dubey, Soundarya Gowda, Sushmita Nath

Alka, Komal and Vidhi will once again be evaluated in the finale on 5th April 2020, to be held in Mumbai. All 3 girls will now compete for one last time in Mumbai with ZERO scores, anyone of them can be winner and the rest two runner-ups. Till then we will keep the Top 3 scores by current jury hidden, to avoid bias on 5th April by Finale jury. Stay tuned on our instagram for more update on finale India’s Miss TGPC.

Apart from the Top 3, we had State title winners as well as below:

Maharashtra’s Miss TGPC: Neha Javeri

Andhra Pradesh’s Miss TGPC: Bbhakti Ponganti

Delhi’s Miss TGPC: Tanisha Pal

Assam’s Miss TGPC: Sushmita Nath

West Bengal’s Miss TGPC: Bipasha Barua

Uttar Pradesh’s Miss TGPC: Niharika Dubey

Karnataka’s Miss TGPC: Soundarya Gowda

Madhya Pradesh’s Miss TGPC: Sohina Charan

Punjab’s Miss TGPC: Harnoor Ghuman

Telangana’s Miss TGPC: Bhavna Sirpa

Goa’s Miss TGPC: Shivani Sheldenkar

Rajasthan’s Miss TGPC: Rukmini Riya

Kerala’s Miss TGPC: Niha Sahadev

Nagaland’s Miss TGPC: Vevonulu Ringa

We also congratulate the winners of the many sub-contests that were a part of the season. We are looking forward to see you all with your prizes! We hope these achievements proper you to accelerate your career in pageantry further! We are also glad that we have always received the support of TGPC family who mentored the contestants for last 45 days. You guys are our rock.

See you on finale!!!