[Episode-15] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Meet the Subtitle Winners

While the final round jury panel is busy scratching their heads in the evaluation process for selection of Top 3 winners from Top 10 finalists, let us use the time to acknowledge and appreciate the subtitle winners of this season. We are glad that the contestants participated heartily in the sub-contests and received lots of appreciation from the fans and the followers. This strongly contributes to the confidence building process of the budding aspirants and benefits them in their futures. Here is the list of subtitle winners.

Miss Golden Heart: Anjali Tiwari

Miss Multimedia: Khushboo Yadav

Miss Personality: Neha Javeri & Bipasha Barua

Miss Popularity: Ayushi Korate

Picture Path ‘Miss Photogenic’: Bipasha Barua

Mond’sub India ‘Miss Flawless’: Nikkita Ghag

Miss Congeniality: Aloysia Carneiro

Thought Ocean Entertainment ‘Miss Talented’: Bbhakti Ponganti

Vardan Jewellers ‘Precious Diva’: Tanisha Pal

Krystal Fashion Jewellery ‘Miss Timeless Beauty’: Pooja Sharma

Dentokraftt ‘Miss Beautiful Smile’: Alka Chandra

Lady Gaga Shoe Shop ‘Miss Rampwalk’: Sapna Tadas

We look forward to the pictures of these beauties with their crowns and sashes in finale!