[Episode 5] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Book N Relax Miss Wanderlust Top 12 Finalists

Book N Relax

Every now and then we need to stop from the rat race of life and re-charge ourselves. And that is why trips are popular. Travelling is popular. However, it comes with it’s own hassles. Arranging travel is not always easy, especially for people who like being taken care of. Hence wonderful agencies like “Book & Relax” come into picture. They do it all for you in ways that make the trips memorable for you! “Book & Relax” provides complete travel solutions and hence all you got to do is… book and relax! 😀

With a view to educate ourselves and the masses more about the different places to visit in our country, we asked our contestants to show us their worlds, to make videos about places to visit in their areas. The results are astonishing. The country is diverse and beautiful. Go through the videos and re-learn the fact again! Click on the names to view the videos.

Anjali Tiwari

Bbhatki Ponganti

Bipasha Barua

Khushboo Yadav

Neha Javeri

Niharika Dubey

Pooja Kavade

Rishikaa Gupta

Rukmini Sankhla

Sohina Charan

Sujal Shroff

Vidhi Sharma

Thanks to our holiday partner Book N Relax for giving this platform to girls and audience of exploring more about their cities and states.