Miss World 2019: Final hotpicks !!

It’s really one of the weaker years of Miss World, compared to many of the recent years. Of course, there are many pretty girls and for sure the organization will find a deserving winner. And yet, this batch isn’t at par with many strong batches like say 2014. This batch is like one of the year 2015. Anyway, the silver lining, as we said just now, is that the organization will hopefully find a good winner. For sure, there are some girls who can fit the Miss World bill.

Here are the strongest contenders for the Miss World 2019 title in the eyes of our experts.

Miss World 2019 Hotpicks !!
  1. Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas Let’s face it. It’s difficult for black African girls to win Miss World. The history is witness to the fact. Until now, only one girl has managed to do that and that was way back in 2001. Of course, many girls have tried well in recent years and placed high. But then only winners are remembered. One name we want to remember in future is Nigeria’s Nyekachi Douglas. She has done everything in her power to shine at the pageant and perhaps has given the most successful performance in challenger events to date. She has placed in almost EVERYTHING, winning Top Model and Head to Head Challenge. She was also runner-up in Sports, Top 10 in the all-important BWAP and Top 20 in Talent. A girl this powerful deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. Plus, she also stands out in the batch in terms of speaking skills. If Miss World is looking for someone who can possibly compete respectfully in a debate with Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, Nyeka is the one. It’s time, Miss World Org. It’s time for Africa!
  2. France, Ophély Mézino Now she is not the winner of Miss France and that is the only thing that works against her. She has done well in the contest otherwise. She placed in Top Model & Beauty With a Purpose. She is striking and speaks well. But then Miss World is said to be particular about the status of the contestants at their national pageants. Would they be okay if their winner didn’t win her national pageant?
  3. India, Suman Ratan Rao has given her best shot in the pageant. She has placed in Top Model as well as Beauty With A Purpose Top 10. She is quite popular among fans and is the top choice of many experts. We too see her as a solid crown contender.
  4. Venezuela, Isabella Rodríguez Now we don’t have a “Goddess-face” this year but this girl is winning hearts. Americas is not a particularly strong region this year and we see no reason why Venezuela can’t shine unlike most of the recent years.
  5. Trinidad and Tobago, Tya Janè Ramey Tya is one of the popular delegates this year. She placed high in the Top Model and is totally dominating the Caribbean region. In our opinion, she is also a crown contender. Her speaking skills and affable personality will for sure help her case.
  6. The Czech Republic, Denisa Spergerová Say hello to the face of the year! The girl also placed high in Top Model. If not for France, Denise can easily win a Top 5 spot from Europe. We just love her. For us, she is also a crown contender at the moment.
  7. England, Bhasha Mukherjee Now she isn’t really at par with many of the girls in the contest, but she has her own strengths. She is confident, well-qualified, home-country girl and most importantly speaks well. She ends up grabbing attention with her extrovert nature. Like her or don’t, she can’t be missed.
  8. Vietnam, Lương Thùy Linh – Another one of our personal favourites is Miss Vietnam. She is fresh and gorgeous. She also did well in Top Model & BWAP. If not for India, we would love to see this youthful lass in the Top 5 and even win. Yes, for us she is a crown contender.
  9. Jamaica, Toni-Ann Singh Talent winner. A strong beauty from the Caribbean. We love the serene vibe that she exudes.
  10. Kazakhstan, Madina Batyk Now this country doesn’t shine that often in international pageants. And yet, this year can be different. She looks so pretty! And she also shone in Top Model. It would be nice to see the country place high in this sea of beauties.
  11. Russia, Alina Sanko One girl who was hyped before the pageant and fizzled out once it started. And yet, she is pretty and we do see her placing well.
  12. Indonesia, Princess Megonondo The country does well in Miss World, especially in Beauty With A Purpose contest. This year is no different.
  13. Brazil, Elís Miele Coelho- Highly underrated but has performed consistently throughout the contest.
  14. Uganda, Oliver Nakakande – The country has sent a stunner and yet after Top Model, only Nigeria is shining in African contingent. We wish Uganda also gets her share of focus in the pageant.
  15. Wales, Gabriella Jukes Often said to be one of the best faces in the contest.
  16. Moldova, Elizaveta KuznitovaA living doll she can be pull off a surprise like Belarus did last year.
  17. Philippines, Michelle Dee Now many experts thing that Mr World being held in the Philippines can help the chances of Miss Philippines. Also, the fact that she is good works for her case.
  18. Mexico, Ashley AlvídrezThe defending champions are not going to give up that easily. Miss Mexico is a girl to keep your eyes on you never know she might take it all.
  19. Guyana, Joylyn ConwayThis stunning beauty is a lecturer and made it to the top 40 with her amazing speaking skills during the head to head challenger event. With her exotic looks, she will surely give a tough fight during the finale.
  20. Nepal, Anushka Shrestha Winner of Miss Multimedia, Top 10 in BWAP. Her biggest asset is her speaking skills if she gets a chance to speak during the finale she can go really far in the contest.

Image: Miss World