[Episode-16] India’s Miss TGPC Season-7: Meet Top 12 Finalists

We are glad to have accomplished panel of judges to do the terrible work of reducing the number of contestants because we can’t do it on our own! 😂 The girls are just too good and it’s herculean to pick just 10 from 20. Probably that is why the judges couldn’t do it either. On the 10th spot, there was a four-way tie and we decided to give them all their hard-earned opportunities of performing in the last round, and hence we went ahead with 12 girls instead of just 10. Here is our truly FABULOUS Top 12.

tgpc top

Here is the scoresheet for the evening gown competition: Evening Gown Score sheet [CLICK]

Now the Top 12 will compete for a spot in Top 6 and then Top 3. The full performance videos of the Top 12 compiled as follows will be the basis for the judges to make their choices. Please note that the contestants were given a chance to reshoot their videos and many of them took the advantage of this opportunity.

Now the first spot in the Top 6 spots will be picked by the fans and the followers of the pageant. The time period for the same would be until Friday 13th September 2019, 5 PM. The winner will be announced on the same day later.

Here are the full performance videos of the Top 12.

Top 12 Full Peformances

Amanda Vas

Amrita Parihar

Divija Gambhir

Jesheen Mann

Kritya Karda

Sharvari Rudawat

Shreya Jhawar

SM Swati

Sukraty Saxena

Tanvi Kharote

Tejaswini Rabha

Vanajakshi Gowda