[Episode 10] TGPC’s Miss India Season 6: Meet Top 3 Winners

With every season, things are getting bigger and better. Of course, the past is glorious for us with amazing successes by many of our alumni. But the present is beautiful too! We heartily congratulate Nikita Tanwani & Garima Yadav for winning state titles in Femina Miss India 2019. We look forward to see you compete in the national competition. It is amazing that even before your reigns ended, you have achieved so much! And the journey has just started because we know you both will not give up until you make a mark globally!

Usually we are filled with excitement when it comes to the announcement of Top 3. We are excited. But we are also grateful and happy because of the successes of Nikita and Garima. We are humbled because we are sure our new Top 3 is going to achieve huge successes too!

Now it is time to open the cards.FotoJet

Congratulations Rachel Nayyar, Ritija Singh and Ritika Raghav on making it to the Top 3 of TGPC’s Miss India season 6!


We will also like to applaud Pratiksha Thakare and Apurva Aggrawal. You girls have made so far, please be proud about that. Because we are! It is an achievement to make it to the Top 5 in such a fierce competition.

Rachel, Ritija & Ritika will once again be evaluated in the finale on 16th March 2019, to be held in Pub.Le.City at Pune. All 3 girls will now compete for one last time in Pune with ZERO scores, anyone of them can be winner and the rest two runner-ups. Till then we will keep the Top 3 scores by current jury hidden, to avoid bias on 16th by Finale jury. Stay tuned on our instagram for more update on finale @tgpcsmissindia.

We also congratulate the winners of the many sub-contests that were a part of the season. We are looking forward to see you all with your prizes! We hope these achievements proper you to accelerate your career in pageantry further!


We are glad we found such amazing partners. It is their kind support which has enabled us to pull off yet another successful edition. We love you guys!

[Episode-1] TGPC’s Miss India Season-6: Prizes and Partners

We are glad that we have always received the support of TGPC family. We thank the followers of TGPC, TGPC’s Miss India, TGPC’s Pageant Grooming and the TGPC Elite club. You guys are our rock.

We are glad that wonderful and highly successful people are willing to associate with us. Thank you to our amazing judges Kartik Behl, Anjana Mascarenhas, Adline Castellino, Yukta Upadhyay & Varun Katyal.

We are glad that the pageant has carved out an important name for itself in Indian pageantry. We thank our former and reigning winners, former and current contestants, all applicants, pageant aspirants and the viewers.

Somewhere a young soul is dreaming right now to make it big in the world of pageantry, a bit lost and unguided. We started the pageant with the dream of supporting such talent and we will pursue it for as long as we can!

Within 10 days, we shall have crowning pictures and videos of our winners. Let’s meet again soon to adore them together!