[Episode 3] TGPC’s Miss India Season-6: Miss Golden Heart Projects

Rachel Nayyar

Congratulations to Rachel Nayyar on winning the vote of TGPC’s Elite Club and gaining the first spot in the prestigious Top 10 of TGPC’s Miss India season 6. Also kudos to all the other contestants for the brave fights they have put forward in the start of the season itself. Thank you for such strong performances.

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Miss Golden Heart contest gives opportunities to the contestants to do some organized projects for the good of the people and the world at large. The projects should solve real world problems and demonstrate some amount of long-term sustainability along with effective results. We started with this contest in the last season and we are so very grateful to see such strong performances in this season for the contest. In fact, we feel the contestants this time have raised the bar.

Initially we planned to exhibit just the best few projects as part of the episode, but the wonderful work of the girls has made us change our minds. Here are the Miss Golden Heart projects of the 22 contestants.

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We also revealed the Top 10 of Talent competition on our social media recently. Next Thursday we shall know the winners of Miss Golden Heart and Miss Talented contests. Please note, Miss Golden Heart is one of the two contests with double points in Leader Board, the other one being Miss Multimedia. The season is getting exciting, now with 9 spots left to be filled for the Top 10. We are excited, aren’t you too?

Next Episode: (Coming Sunday, 7.30 PM) Ethnic Wear Competition