[Episode 2] TGPC’s Miss India Season-6: Style Icon Competition

It isn’t easy. The contestants are young. Many of them have no experience of ramp walk. Most of them haven’t faced the camera either. There is constant awareness of being judged by friends and families. Since it’s an online pageant, the content will stay for years to come. And yet, our 24 contestants have put their best feet forward. It’s hardly the start of the contest and here they are, trying to bring out their inner Diva in the Style Icon competition.

Episode Video

In the style Icon competition, the contestants were to present themselves in something fashionable. The judges will score them for their beauty, poise, walk and overall presentation. (Turn on the subtitles, in case you don’t see contestants’ names.)

Here is the panel of judges for the Style Icon competition.

  1. Kartik Behl – The owner of Atharva Creations, Delhi and one of the leading pageant experts of TGPC.
  2. Adline Castelino – The winner of TGPC’s Miss India season 4.
  3. Yukta Upadhyay – The 2nd runner-up of TGPC’s Miss India season 4 & Campus Princess Indore 2018 Winner
  4. Anjana Mascarenhas: International Pageant Coach and Founder of Diva Pageants.
  5. Dr. Varun Katyal: Beauty and Fitness Expert

It’s just the first round and yet the contestants have done such wonderful jobs! The judges are going to have a tough time. The scores of the judges and the top pick of the Elite Club (TGPC’s premium members) will be revealed in the coming days. Please help them by sharing your valuable opinion in the comments!

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