Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Portrait Shoot

Miss Universe 2018 released the official portrait shots of the 94 contestants and we must say there was a huge up and down in our expectations vs the reality of the pictures. Most of the front-runners suffered bad angles, bad editing  or bad styling. However, we could still pick our  10 favourite shots from the lot and the 10 girls who shined for us are as below.

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Portrait Shoot

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Portrait Shoot

Albania‘s hot and sexy siren looks helped her nail the shot. Her modelesque frame is just amazing in this picture.

China looks extremely bubbly and cute in this picture with a perfect touch of fashion and glamour.

Greece‘s pose kills the competition absolutely. This is one of those high fashion model aura she got around her that we absolutely loved.

Israel stands out in the shot through her neat styling and that sleek back hairstyle goes really with her styling.

Japan is an absolute doll. What an amazing combination of styling and pose. She is one of the strongest bets from Asia for us.

Nigeria’s amazing styling and the golden backdrop really helped her stand out in the shoot. However, we wished she could have worked a bit better on facial expression.

Philippines kills it through her serene beauty in this picture. Blue is absolutely her colour we feel.

Thailand got critical review in the beginning of the contest but here she proves the naysayers absolutely wrong. What an amazing shot she gave through her extremely polished styling and posing skills. That waist girl <3

USA nails the corporate look in this picture. The white jacket with back bun and red lipstick is the perfect killing look that USA presented to us on the table.

Zambia knows the are of creating an illusion where we see a fund and bubbly girl and we also see a great modelling skills with a perfect blend of styling and charm. What a great shot!

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