Miss Universe 2018: The New Format Explained

We are just one week away from knowing who win Miss Universe 2018, which is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand right now. From our sources, we have got a hint of the new format Miss Universe is planning to implement this year. The format follows sequence as below.

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Miss Universe 2018: The New Format

  1. This time there shall be Top 20 instead of 16 girls.
  2. The continental format is expected to continue with Asia and Africa, Europe and America with 5 girls from each zone and 5 girls as wild cards from any zone, making a Top 20.
  3. The host, Steve Harvey will be asking each of the 20 girls a casual question which won’t be scored
  4. Each girl will get around 15 seconds to deliver an opening statement regarding what they want world to know about themselves.
  5. Based on this opening statement, Top 10 will be selected.
  6. The Top 10 will compete in Swimsuit+Evening Gown round and the combined scores shall determine the Top 5.
  7. The Top 5 will under go Question and Answer round. The questions will come from any of the other 94 girls in the competition.
  8. Top 3 will be undergoing a common Q&A round.
  9. The new Miss Universe will be crowned.

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